Fortnite Champions Series Finals Roster – Who is Playing?

Fortnite Chapter 2 might have quite a while to go before it hits a new season, but the latest competitive Season is grinding to a close. The finals of each Fortnite event are always something to see. Fortnite Champion Series is no exception. Through the weeks, lots of different squads and players have qualified. However, despite ups and downs the FNCS Finals roster is a little different from what might have been expecting.

If you want to know which players are the ones to watch in Fortnite, this list is a great place to start. Among established names like Bugha and Tfue, there are plenty of relatively unknown players. Players looking to improve should start by watching what these skilled competitors do. The FCNS finals roster is the best of the best when it comes to Fortnite.

When is the FCNS Finals?

The finals are due to begin on Dec 6, but they will run all the way through until Sunday night. Each day is going to feature a different heat and different set of players getting the chance to proceed through to the last stages. This week’s event is just for Squads, so each time is made up of quite a few players. 25 Squads of four are going to be playing in each heat. While plenty of players are with long-time partners, the shuffling up of formats for events has lead to some strange combinations!

Who Is Playing? The FNCS Finals Roster

These are the final rosters for who is playing in the Fortnite Champion Series Squads event. Each team is now finalized, and it will reflect the format of the actual events. These are the players in the FNCS Finals Roster that are due to be competing for the grand prize.

FCNS Tips and Tricks

Heat 1

  • Fatch, NicFN, BfoQc, & EmpereurQC.
  • Trinji, wDean, pure wunder, & KBKPlays.
  • A1 Eeasu, Asylum, zJon, & Snaque.
  • Aka Sully, Beanz, Savtona, & Clutch19x.
  • Nate Hill, Ninja, FaZe Funk, & Reverse2k.
  • TSM Zexrow, Vanguard Calc, TSM Vincenzo1x, & TSM MackWood.
  • Vanguard Phung, Vanguard iKerry, noire!, & Shmecked
  • WS JackizGodly, 917 nounzy, WS Turkey Lips, & fraankt.
  • Grove, gamble, Trevvii, & Pourings.
  • Xhae, serg, orbed, & DoctorFootball,
  • T1 Sofa, pb n jammyz, brecht, & Tristian Hipp.
  • KnightFN, BH Perplexii, HazThaGreat, & 77 Predator.
  • Mards, krummp, fades, & AttackZz.
  • Peonage!, chvse!, odd!, & Sammy!
  • Flows, SYCO, NIZZZY, & Shaz.
  • TSM Comadon, NRG Zayt, SEN HighSky, & Ghost Saf.
  • iDeaLPlay, Hekki, Kydra, & Frey.
  • A1 Ghoul, Nosh, Chaotic, & Paper.
  • Criz was taken, HERO JLove, Nedak, & iampandush.
  • BBG Hofner, BBG Diddy, BBG Dankline, & 2EzY.
  • Degen, LordNM, Userz, & Zeiy.
  • VNSH Claw, VNSH Strodles, RIZE Jumpen, & Agro.
  • Ezra Kreo, SEN Zyfa, TSM Cloud, & KeysFN.
  • Thatoneguy, Twitter H4NSSEN, Lanson, & Flext
  • E11 Grazca, BBG Clank, BBG Ajay, & E11 daxoe.

Heat 2

  • Liquid POACH, Co1azo, wyggs, & Ghost Snoodre
  • FaZe Megga, Ghost Bizzle, Rogue Eclipsae, & FaZe Dubs
  • grandmateets, Deezǃ, twitch npen, & LG Hogman
  • vви Toast, wirox, wCarey, & BlyDe
  • Crunchy ., cakiepoo on ttv, marcsfn on ttv, & τill .
  • Sеird, Τurista, whos Teo, & Rose Josegxbo
  • NC Doh, Sеvеre, rubi rose simp, & wyntеru
  • gіlly, Anthony -b-, north.co, & Baldy
  • UnknownxArmy1x, Vanguard KEZ, Stable Ronaldo, & Avery
  • LZR Hornet, Dеfy, tickrss, & Jaсob.
  • Signed Arab, OT Inspyre, Use Code Cazz, & E11 Agholor
  • Strоbе, Laiysǃ, Gоosh, & 777 STATSYǃ
  • A1 King., A1 NUT, A1 Scoped, & A1 Tuexy
  • Apex Sticks, MRKN Cartoon, Donkle , & A1 Sujay
  • Deѕtroy, GodNiсk, Exoph, &Mastoris.
  • 10bit is sad, Ronbon., YNW Slay, & vHusky
  • Slackes, innoсentѕ, casqer, & Aѕsаult
  • Jacobaqi, Тoss, parallel gage, & coL Punisher
  • Prien., Twitch SpiroK, MRKN Av, & dany336.
  • VNSH Rubyfied, Evade Kariyuki, Bugzvii OnTwitch, & Dom х
  • Linkǃ, Viperǃ, alexǃǃ, & Corral Satyr
  • ando ll, jermу, steanzz, & EvadeCoop
  • jаnix, Kn1pher, VapeJesus Pog, & Thе Uzi
  • Envy Bucke, SEN Animal, FLY Faultur, & SEN Aspect.
  • Kiox., babу yoda, A1 Parur, & Evade Spayde

Heat 3

  • boba tea joi, Nobleǃ, CODE POTFAST, & boba tea vantam
  • Khuuǃ, Envydǃ, Cherrydǃ, & Joeǃ
  • TabzG, Tеkk, Cadrent, & Janikǃ
  • Τezza, roqz, S2 frat, & Gandhi dabdabdab
  • Hitta., nаttу, ceyа, & glоwing
  • Iciev, ykеll, jayth is vibing, & Shhneider
  • Envy Whitehat, EvadeTendy, Liquid Threats, & mirevz361
  • MRKN Scylix, nvrepiс, Nobu Lupien, & TS ConjurZ
  • Grenades, FunkySavage, Apex Faded, & VNSH Oscat
  • Slow Old Doc, HoodieDC, Entripy, & Purеst
  • connеrs, trippіе, JFree, & donks
  • Hajie., Ace1xx, TS Problem, & YT.Zimeo
  • vulry 2.0, TFC lom, TFC DPChew, & sleezy 2.0
  • yuldy g, Trick.exe, Connfident, & baydog
  • Tempo CizLucky, Liquid 72HRS, Liquid Chap, & Liquid Vivid
  • Ghost THWIᖴO, SEN Bughа, RS clarityG, & Liquid ЅТREТСН
  • Master, wizebtw, 無 慈 悲, & 300lb XnB
  • A1 Ajerss, A1 FIJEX, A1 Cid, & A1 SIMPLE
  • Аircool, OT. Thresh, Reeloads, & SоaR JT
  • Tovgh, camр, Cilo, & A WILD ZOOF
  • pgod -, Fluva, 7eo, & Rampage
  • yoAJ., Dоms, TechMatter_TTV, & Millatime.
  • BBG Nittle., Mikeу., BBG Posick, & BBG Smqcked
  • FaZe Bini, FaZe Diggy, nanоlite, & Shaedess
  • 100T Ceice, Liquid Riversan, 100T Hydra, & 100T Elevate

Heat 4

  • Snazǃ, BBG Cobolt, Stable Invalid, & WiLD
  • lyejax, AdonisFN, Spud Lite, & Saiyan Trunkѕ
  • Khanada TOXIC, clkzy, LQD FBR, & Tfue
  • Freaktwinky, LEEΚ, Μarκ, & prestivent 89
  • Secret Fuzzy, RS ronaldo., RS XXiF, & bhegs.com
  • 100T Klass, Ghoul死, Cowboy Boomer, & Marzz_Ow
  • tendons, Nolanlul, Leaffr, & Sicko
  • Clix, blakeps., LZR Crimz, & MSF Spades
  • Poolside, Felix, Timburr, & Yoipi
  • SILQY, MioJaay, Tubbey, & Loadist.
  • kyuubi wkey, smugy., hake, & dzmu.
  • Tcrom., TrаpKilled, qteа, & Bаsh
  • tBаrnes, Cheexy., АndyB, & ExceedOG
  • Đogo, Blastа, Mojo, & LG Neferux
  • LuckyLukieLuke, mаtthew., F1uxcious, & Dаric
  • TF Cole, LZR Legedien, UNMC Flossen, & Armond.
  • roatdw, E11 BlooTea, TeKae, & RogueShark_
  • Saiyan Tenzin, Festivalxd, Saiyan tfti, & Saiyan Scar
  • Baltic, Flαm., ChiefAJ, & cbkflame
  • zzzum, hаρρеd, hoaх, & MRKN Starzy
  • Jаmper, voil ., lilteejαy, & VYХ.
  • dyslecix., Trigg, WordBro, & Exult
  • OwlFN, zlеm, A1 Cryp, & OT Reckz
  • Htag, potgxd, n3moxd, & Mercyfps.
  • TS Osp, Outcast Furious, Jerids, & Vexzcy

These are all of the players due to compete. With so many people going into the finals, who comes out on top might end up being something of a surprise. The links in the roster go into what equipment and settings they use in-game. These are some of the best players Fortnite has to offer, so these players’ set-ups are definitely the ones that you should look to for a recommendation.

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