All Giant Candy Canes Locations – 14 Days of Fortnite Visit Giant Candy Canes

The very welcoming 14 Days of Fortnite have arrived, and yesterday (1st day) was pretty straightforward, aka. play a game in creative mode.

However, the challenge for day 2 is a little trickier. Visit Giant Candy Canes on the Fortnite map, can’t be that hard right? It isn’t! Luckily there are 4 locations of candy canes, and you only have to visit 2! The challenge can be done in, probably, 2 games at max! With this guide, you can make it even in one game easily.

Dance in front of different Holiday Trees

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Here’s is the exact locations of the candy canes, remember you have to complete the game for it to count. If you have visited one or two locations, do not leave the game! Instead, keep playing or get your character eliminated so the locations are registered.

Visit Giant Candy Cane Map Locations

There was a rumor at first that it was only three locations avaible, but there is actually four. When you have visited a giant candy cane, a notice will show on your screen that it has been counted. Do not leave the location until you have seen this notification.

That was it! Keep yourself updated as we will cover the next challenges in the 14 Days of Fortnite event.

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