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Updated: 3 min ago

Fortnite v8.10 Patch Notes: Baller Vehicle, Custom Animations and More

The first content update v8.10 is now available on all platforms. With every update, data-miners are able to fetch leaks with regards to the changes that are going to be implemented. You should be able to see leaks with regards to new items, vehicles, possible map changes and much more in the coming days.

The update file size on PlayStation 4 was 2.02 GB, which is relatively large when compared to other mid-season updates. Hence, it is only logical to assume that there is a lot of content to be uncovered soon.

Baller a fun new mode of transport has been introduced.  Other significant gameplay changes have been made as well. Lets take a look at some of the key highlights of update V8.10.

New Vehicle Introduced: The Baller

The Baller vehicle is a new mode of transport that features a grappler on it to climb mountains and swing around trees. It’s clearly been added as a fun element to the game and to get the hang of this vehicle will take time. The grappler looks to be an item that is similar to Pathfinders ability in Apex Legends.

Key Characteristics of the Baller

  • It comes with a grappler and a boost feature
  • 300 hit points for the vehicle and passengers do not get hit unless the vehicle itself gets destroyed
  • This vehicle can be found at expedition posts and pirate camps across the map

Changes in Vending Machines System

Previously you could buy weapons and other items in exchange for materials. At a fixed price, players could buy guns, shields, grenades and other such items using the vending machine. In all honesty, not many players were bothered about vending machines and considered it a waste of resources.

Now, vending machines work in a different way. Every machine will carry just one weapon/item and will destroy itself once a player has claimed the item in it. The gun/item can be collected from the vending machine “free of charge”.

Major Changes Have Been Made to the UI!

With the ping system coming into place this season, multiple added features are now available.

  • Cars, apples and almost every consumable can be marked.
  • Enemy points are no longer obstructed by item when trying to place a maker.
  • Each marker is now sorted on the basis of distance to the marker.

Apart from this, teammates can now view each others body outline through walls, hills  and other obstructions. When in close quarters, teammates can now see partners  and help them in various situations.

Custom Animations for Items have arrived!

Large medkits, Potions, Slurp and the Chug Jug all feature new custom animations and they look absolutely cool. Check them out in this video below.

Other Key Highlights from the Update

Xbox and PlayStation users now share the same lobby. Henceforth, cross platform should be enabled to play battle royale.

Nintendo switch and Mobile users now share the same lobby as well.

For players who have the “Cross play” feature turned off, only ‘save the world’ and ‘creative mode’ will be available to them.

In this update, only the Baller has been introduced as a new item into the game. The HUD changes that have been introduced are noticeable and these changes will require players to change their gamestyle, escpecially in duos/squads.

Have you tested the changes to the new ping system? Is the Baller a hit or a miss?

Let us know in the comments below what you think about content update V8.1o

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