We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People Gustavo Guti rrez No preview available - 2003. With this example we can observe how different actors deploy different arguments and lines of thinking in relation to the legitimacy and legality of these new practices. Neo-romantic, early modernist, his rich, vitally sensuous poetry can be seen to mark the transition from impressionism to expressionism, but at the same time transcends such categories. Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino, O.P. Rent We Drink From Our Own Wells at Chegg.com and save up to 80% off list price and 90% off used textbooks. 20th Anniversary Edition. Higgins rises to his challenge in seven compressed chapters done in a more or less chronological fashion. Each of the essays has a head note indicating the publishing history of the essay, which for the more assiduous Merton readers is a blessing. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. knowledge of the writings of Merton. The aim of this study was to explore the interrelatedness of these two concepts in a secular environment. Single proportion formula with p- value 0f 50% used to determine the sample size. By Gustavo Gutiérrez. Methods: action Ascent aspects authentic bear witness Bible biblical Bishop body of Christ called Christian Christian community commitment communion … The debate then moves on to a consideration of these observations in the context of interfaith encounters being required to reject false dichotomies; and the engagement of religions in civic space, of which interfaith dialogue and activity is a vital part. 20th Anniversary Edition.Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2003. more precise results than World war II (without quotes). Compared with white men, African American men (P = .03) reported significantly greater emotional well-being. Read about Search Operators for some powerful new tools. A total of 422 respondents was included in the study with a median age of 35 years; most of them were females 262 (62.1%) and 168 (39.8%) were married. It also is self-consciously presented in the introduction as an “ethical will” by its founder to future stewards of the collection. Advanced Searching This collection features thirty-three essays chosen by O’Connell who admits in his introduction that every Merton scholar is going to lament the omission of a particular favorite piece of Merton’s writings. Religious Education: Vol. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2003. pp. Such is the writing that it is impossible to reduce liberation theology to a political movement. practice from each theme. Because Higgins emphasizes the prophetic he is less centrally concerned with Merton as a religious thinker who, somewhat implausibly, did extremely perceptive commentary on a whole range of topics out of his monastic formation. No Tags, Be the first to tag this record! His aim is … Anyone unaware of the life of Merton could get a quick overview of the monk’s life in this engagingly written narrative. It is an effort to share a lifetime of wisdom and practical experience and a hope for the future. In that brief telling he artfully weaves in snapshots of many of the major figures who figured in his life. The event was organized by the World Congress of Faiths to launch the celebrations of its 80th Anniversary. © 2008-2021 ResearchGate GmbH. It remains exposed to influence of other popular religious traditions, including Spiritualism and elements of the New Age spirituality. The problem which faces every Merton biographer is not that we know too little, but that we know too much of a person who suffered the furor scribendi. at the same time and combine terms in complex ways. Gustavo GUTIERREZ, We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People. Higgins sees Merton as a prophetic figure who desired to pursue issues that more conventional Catholic commentators either did not touch or did approach gingerly. Trakl was writing at a time of spiritual and social disintegration on the eve of the First World War, when personal values and perceptions tended to be subsumed in a more generalized anguish and exaltation. Wildcard Searching Race had a significant effect on emotional functioning after adjusting for perceptions of stress and religiosity. You can use double quotes to search for a series of words in a particular order. For example, econom* will find both economics as well as economies, A significant event in the development of liberation theology is the publication of "We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People" by Gustavo Gutierrez. Fr. E-book. Buy We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People: Written by Gustavo Gutierrez, 1984 Edition, (Reprint) Publisher: SCM Press [Paperback] by Gustavo Gutierrez (ISBN: 8601417136430) from Amazon's Book Store. 91 Drinking from Our Own Wells – Religion Online - The first quotation is actually the initial paragraph and normative theme of Gustavo Gutiérrez’s new book on spirituality We Drink from Our Own Wells The Spiritual Journey of a People Orbis We predicted, Background: Holy water use in the form of a drink and a shower is the main treatment used by People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) together with other spiritual practices. Results: Gutierrez’s second book, We Drink from Our Own Wells, written in 1983 is very much a reaction to this negative rhetoric. Our findings suggest that high spirituality only protects adolescents from HRB if combined with RA. “We Drink From Our Own Wells” Sermon for First Christian Church of Decatur, Georgia Thanksgiving Sunday, November 24, 2013 James L. Brewer-Calvert, Senior Pastor Holy Scriptures: Isaiah 12 Thanksgiving and Praise You will say in that day: I will give thanks to you, O Lord, for though you were angry with me, your anger turned away, and you comforted me. He puts his essays into historical order thus giving the reader some sense both of the maturing quality of Merton’s style as well as an overview of the wide interests of the monk as he grew from his earlier concerns into the prophetic writings of the last years of his life. This death, however, is not only physical but mental and cultural as well. But much else, especially on the contemplative life broadly understood, has passed the test of time where, in a few instances, some few works are now of classic status. Hence, finding implication towards use of mixed treatment for to adherence via proper advocacy, training and opening culturally appropriate treatment site is as a key fact regarding drug adherence in the treatment of PLWHA. with systematic random sampling through interview among 422 respondents were done in Debrebrihan hospital and health center. Santa Muerte enjoys growing popularity in Mexico and neighboring countries. and organi?e will find both organise and organize. Michael Higgins’s brief biographical study of Thomas Merton is a contribution to an interesting series of brief lives being published by Liturgical Press with the express aim of getting these volumes into the hands of the general reading public. drink. (PUBOrbis)Starting with Bernard of Clairvaux's counsel to root spirituality in one's own experience, Gutierrez outlines the contours of a spirituality that empowers the poor and oppressed. explored, and the holistic nature of personal spiritual experience is argued on the basis of accounts collected and analysed. Search. One of the reasons for it is the cult's extensive presence in mass media. Spirituality and religious attendance (RA) have been suggested to protect against adolescent health-risk behaviour (HRB). The concept and importance of spirituality in an apparently more secular society are, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Much attention is given to the social gospel of Christ. We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People | Gutierrez, Gustavo, Nouwen, Henri J. M., O'Connell, Matthew J. When approaching the thought of Merton, of course, the question always is: Which Merton do you wish to read? Price: $17.82 If you want to search for multiple variations of a word, you can substitute a special symbol We Drink from Our Own Wells is the nuanced articulation of the Christ-encounter as experienced by the poor of Latin America in their struggle to affirm their human dignity and claim their true identity as the sons and daughters of God. Taking seven identified themes into consideration, the paper draws out implications for, In 2004, Dr. Charles Berlin, Lee M. Friedman Bibliographer in Judaica and Head of the Judaica Division of the Harvard Library, published a blue, cloth-bound volume entitled Harvard Judaica (Berlin 2004) to mark the fortieth anniversary of the start of the programmatic development of the Harvard University Library’s Judaica collections (1962–2002).1 This new, school-colored crimson, also hardback, Drawing on the use of a therapeutic ritual performed in some large cities, whereby people are cured through the consumption of a psychoactive drink called ayahuasca, the article The Legitimacy and Legality of Contemporary Uses of 'Ayahuasca': A Case Study discusses the issue of legitimacy and legality of the clinical mechanisms which have arisen upon such use of this traditionally "indigenous", This article is based on presentations and discussion that took place at a Symposium entitled Promoting Spiritual Life: An Interfaith Perspective, held at Sarum College, Salisbury, UK, on 4 February 2016. Our Advanced Search tool lets you easily search multiple fields Use ILLiad for articles and chapter scans. After twenty years, We Drink from Our Own Wells remains a classic expression of Latin American spirituality by a pioneer of liberation theology. The poet critic? We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People 20th Anniversary Edition - Kindle edition by Gutierrez, Gustavo, O'connell, Matthew J.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Death with a Bonus Pack: New age spirituality, Folk Catholicism, and the cult of Santa Muerte, Racial Differences in Quality of Life Following Prostate Cancer Diagnosis, Assessment towards use of holy water as complementary treatment among PLWHA, Northeast, Ethiopia. Want to get more out of the basic search box? Starting from St. Bernard of Clairvaux's counsel to root spirituality in one's own experience, Gustavo Gutierrez outlines the contours of a spirituality rooted in the experience of the poor and their struggle for life. The distinctive tone of Trakl's work-especially admired by his patron Ludwig, This paper discusses a popular but hardly investigated cult of an informal saint Santa Muerte (Saint Death). During our moments of anguish about the relevance of our faith to a parched world, he has encouraged us to keep working, to keep praying, to keep evangelizing, to keep acting, to keep drinking from our own wells so that we can all draw living water. (1986). You can use ? See the help page for more details. A comprehensive English-language edition of verse by the Austrian poet An undeniable aura surrounds the name of Georg Trakl, a poet of intense inner vision and originality whose work stands alongside that of Yeats, Valéry, and T. S. Eliot. Greater subjective stress was associated significantly with poorer emotional functioning (P = .0001) and physical well-being (P = .0001). by Patrick F. O’Connell, and: Thomas Merton: Faithful Visionary b... Review of Charles Berlin, Harvard Judaica in the 21st Century