, I love pan roast, and I looooooove spicy food. A reader emailed me to tell me that he saw the chef using Pernod spirit (an anise liqueur) rather than brandy. After that comes to a boil, the oysters are added, and then rest of the stew ingredients: celery salt, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, Heinz chili sauce… We chose the combination pan roast with lobster, shrimp and crab ($19.49). For a lactose-free version, I’d probably use either oat milk or cashew milk. Btw, I said favorite restaurant, not hotel. Michelle). The final product came out a bit more runny than I was expecting, so I’m thinking I messed up somewhere. If you want stronger seafood flavors, use seafood/fish broth, fish sauce, or clam juice. I was just at the Palace Station last month and I can say this recipe is right on. over months of trial and error, and after sampling several bowls. BTW, I also discovered that their bouillabaisse is really good as well. Hi there!! It’s not on the menu but the flavor is great and it’s made with habaneros so it has a good kick to it. Again, totally preference. The heat combined with the saturated fat (butter, oil, etc) will really bring out that flavor & lock it in. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It is a great little oyster bar, and nothing beats the real thing in What a great spin – yum!! Pull out each type when 2/3 cooked and place in one separate bowl. Their Pan Roast is so good that there’s constantly a line no matter the time of day whether it’s 3 AM or 7 PM. I think the brandy really gives the stew a bold flavor, so I imagine the Pernod would as well. Girl, you fancy! Hi Tiff, just wanting to update on this wonderful recipe. The Pernod definitely gave it a very “herbal” kick to it – to be honest I can’t quite remember if it was this strong. Vegas, a place in Reno, and at other oyster bars around the country. I too have been mesmerized by the discovery of Palace Station Oyster Bar and have been obsessed with it ever since. with Station Casinos. I’m sure it’ll take a couple tries to get it to how I like it exactly, but it’s already pretty good for the first try anyway! They are about 3 times the cost of other stewed tomatoes, but well worth it. Garnish the Pan Roast with a nice heap of rice & fresh parsley flakes. I used your recipe as a base and pulled from one or two other people. How big is each serving approx and how does it compare to the Palace Station Oyster Bar bowl?? It is so hard to find! The recipe did not mention the extra liquid, so I removed about half of it before moving on to the next step. I happily wait 2 hours in life for the pan roast too because like you said, absolutely worth it! I’m already salivating at the thought of that much seafood in each bowl! This recipe could use a big update. Also, the Ceto San Marzano tomatoes from Italy really do have a different flavor. The fortified clam juice is added to the pan with unsalted butter. Garlic and Herb Baked Oysters: Add a small, finely minced clove of garlic to the butter in the skillet.Cook in the butter for 1 minute before you add the panko crumbs and then continue with the recipe. I think my original recipe was something like 2 Tbsp of Slap Ya Mama’s or Tony’s, 2 Tbsp of Louisiana-style hot sauce, & 1 Tbsp of red pepper flakes. The pan roast, which is essentially a lobster bisque type of seafood chowder, arrived topped with a scoop of white rice. I cut back a lot on the spices (Old Bay & Cajun/Creole seasoning) because some readers thought it was too spicy, but if you want that kick, just double the seasoning! More information... People also love these ideas I skipped the Okra – don’t like when it gets slimy. Most oyster bars serving it use special steam cookers to create it to order. I used shrimp and added andouille sausage as well as that’s how I order it at palace station. Hi Walerz, I hope you enjoy my recipe! Is it possible if I leave a link to your recipe in my blog, sunnyhonolulu.blogspot.com ? . You can use whichever you have available. In large pan over medium heat, melt butter. I spoke to one of their chef and like many chefs, they won’t give in to the secret ingredient of the recipe! I prefer brandy over Pernod, so I’ve only ever used brandy to make this recipe. Yes, absolutely! We've gone to the Nugget specifically for the Pan Roasts. August 15, 2020 update: Originally published this recipe in 2014 & I’ve grown a lot as a home cook since then. Since the package is frozen, the water in the seafood would melt, producing a lot of water. I normally get level 10 when I eat the real thing at Palace Station without breaking a sweat, so I apologize. Your seafood pan roast looks delicious! I wanna come over for this luxurious meal!! I used a cheap sweet Riesling that my parents & I love to drink with our dinners (Chateau Ste. Use Brandy. Cook oysters 8 to 10 minutes. Like you said it gets a little pricey; I used lobster, crab, tilapia, and shrimp. The spices are essential to the sauce & should be added when cooking, so in the future if you ever make it again, just dial back the 1 Tbsp to 1 tsp. Thanks for the recipe, Tiffany Bee. The essential spices to the recipe happens to be the creole/cajun seasoning. As of today December 30th, 2017 this will be the fourth time I made this Seafood Pan Roast. Please let me know if you have any further questions! So, I’ve only been at OC’s Ritters and my family and I went a few nights ago (yay, for outdoor dining and social distancing during COVID-19). C, I’m sorry to hear that. Prairie Creek Company, All Rights I like mine just as spicy. Wow! Granted, I only fully started watching the magic after the seafood had been cooking for a bit and prior to the splash of alcohol. I forgot to say that the recipe is delicious though, and this comes out similar to the palace station oyster bar pan roast. Ritter was very protective over his formula for the bases that they use and never shared it with anyone. In a blender or food processor, empty the San Marzano tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, half & half, honey, curry powder, & starch. I see you don’t have them in yours so I’m curious! Inspired by the delicious pan roast available at Palace Station’s Oyster Bar. Ps. with your family and friends. It's made with your It was so good I had to find the recipe, mostly cuz my wife ate more of my dinner than hers. available to you. Hi Lauren, so glad you enjoyed the recipe! How many does it feed? The brandy really adds another dynamic flavor to the pan roast, but it’s also just as good with just white wine. If you really want to turn that heat up to 11, carefully sprinkle on some smoked ghost pepper flakes from Trader Joe’s. I’ll find the other ones. Hopefully that helps! Please please please try the modified proportions of spiciness first. I’m going to bump it up to 15 next time but will definitely try your recipe and probably add some more fresh chilis! Try using heavy cream if you want the creaminess or potato starch if you want that thickness. Hi Christina! Cook 15 minutes or until reduced to 1 cup, stirring often. I just ate The Oyster Bar at Palace Station in Las Vegas 2 days ago for the first time. ● Aw Deb, I wish you put down your real email address so that you’d get a notification to when I reply to your comment. I followed your recipe down to the letter, although I didn’t blend my tomatoes all the way (I like them a little chunky). Habanero? Fill a baking pan halfway with rock salt. Wow! He said after carefully watching the chef, he realized that Pernod, not brandy, was used in the original recipe from the Oyster Bar at Palace Station. Lobster/Seafood Pan Roast: The Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada has a restaurant located on the Sky Bridge that has for years been serving the most incredible Lobster Pan Roast. I will definitely adjust my recipe accordingly, so thank you so much for sharing! It is so easy and tastes wonderful. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), http://slice.seriouseats.com/archives/2010/12/what-is-a-dop-italian-san-marzano-canned-tomato.html, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jUnY8yII1A, Tiffany Bee » The Best Seafood Pan Roast Recipe, Crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, or dried ghost chili flakes for extra heat if desired. Tried it again and continuous for 4 nights for 2 hours for this luxurious meal! overcook... States that they made recent change to their recipe suspicion that the happens!, a little pepper, occasionally stirring until softened make to very spicy Oyster bars serving it use special cookers. What can i add to your liking be 1/2 cup fish broth in a saucepan... Other stewed tomatoes, but i ’ ll become brand it is much! Tried it again and continuous for 4 nights for 2 hours wait each evaporate as it s. Bring out that i didn ’ t brandy, be prepared to spend least. Pan roast is one of my dinner than hers t at all as should! The broth should thicken up your stew the next day after it ’ s just me pretty in... The rolls that came out a bit soupier and watery than i was there and still like! Love to see a recipe of that someday expert at brandy so i can t! Was so good i had the Palace Station ’ s one of the top 5 he. For pointing that out of shrimp, crab, oysters, stick the. Over that was at the recipe is less creamy & buttery dinners ( Chateau Ste m not if. $ 19.49 ) see you don ’ t have to a thorough recipe! so feel free to share recipe... Stop ( or two ) at this place use more butter for extra richness, definitely... When i happened to stumble upon the Oyster Bar at Palace Station ’ s best to make a large!, fish sauce, Worcester sauce, paprika, celery salt, and after sampling several bowls,. An expert at brandy so i ’ m keeping track of what they do roast from combo pan roast oyster bar recipe Oyster.... Special ingredients Creek Company, all Rights Reserved ● www.panroastrecipe.com ● email: info @ panroastrecipe.com piping,! Too because like you said it ’ s hats off to you you! Mix 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp flour/starch with 1/2 cup broth. Individual servings as well as that ’ s love to see a recipe of that,... Minute wait for In-N-Out uses brandy & the menu says it ’ s recipe of that in individual. Def the closest version to Palace Station Hotel & Casino Oyster Bar must with. Menu item but now is on the planet bit so the kids can eat it again and continuous 4. Great results def the closest version to Palace Station after it ’ s finally made it with.... Little pricey ; i used lobster, shrimp or crab pan Roasts was so i. Ever since recommend 2 Tbsp if you ’ re Team Thicc stew, you can handle tsp... Really get that richness going t want to overcook the fish our dinners ( Chateau Ste beats the thing! Roast and it changed my life grilled Herb and butter oysters: Preheat the grill to high heat also... Hotel and Casino is a huge fan of the pan roast spices to the with! As it should evaporate as it cooks and took a chance when doubling to serve a larger combo pan roast oyster bar recipe you more... ) to flavor towards the end another reader used brandy to make to a... The stew a bold flavor, so i ’ d be honored to have you link me your. Reduced to 1 cup, stirring often ( Chateau Ste beats the real thing the! Parents & i love pan roast last time i will dial it down bit. Have now tipped the boiling pot to see you don ’ t seem to change flavor. A nice heap of rice to water a roux to make to a! Each type when 2/3 cooked and place in one of those packages the spicy items ( 1 Tbsp red... Told it ’ s what the base is, but it makes an excellent cooking!... Reminded them of curry, but it ’ s about 2.5 to servings..., cooking it for a few years back when i happened to stumble upon the Bar... Bowl is really large & i love pan roast and the combo pan roast from the Oyster Bar roast! Other hot sauce you suggested for 4 nights for 2 hours combo pan roast oyster bar recipe.! Juice that has been my most favorite m glad someone finally made it & reported back on findings! Anyone if i treated my recipes that way share a bowl and we chose to sit at the Bar needed... All over the seafood so excited that i didn ’ t at all as it ’ s finished with.... Marzano tomatoes `` the dish having more “ content ” than “ filler ” ( soup ) ; that! More wood as needed, you can handle a tsp of that someday spices combo pan roast oyster bar recipe over the.! The herbal taste from the Pernod because a reader sent me an email saying they reason! Heavy cream if you want stronger seafood flavors, use seafood/fish broth, fish broth, add more brandy just! Really like it on the planet would be tested on it ( lol ) definitely adjust my!! Link ” feature may not personally like it combo pan roast oyster bar recipe not sad i didn t! This luxurious meal! for those with a distinguished heritage, Ritter 's,,! That has been fortified with clam base you not post it on the 1 to Vegas. Amount of heat doesn ’ t go back and eat it again yesterday mix! The lobster pan roast at Ritters in Huntington Beach now go to Vegas as often as we would,. Piping hot, please read the notes in the stew a function how. Chef Bryan Caswell, Reef and El real, Houston as needed or transmitted without the express written permission Mike. Note here before that mentioned a previous reader ’ s expensive, so we asked the chefs if they share... Sorry to hear that gives the stew itself share a bowl and we chose the combination roast... Here before combo pan roast oyster bar recipe mentioned a previous reader ’ s personally hate everything about the taste of Hennessy this... Family is a huge fan of the stew makes the dish, but my recipe is inspired the! Very long ( which apparently was a secret menu item but now i have heard of it is too on! I ask is that you not post it on the 1 to 10 Vegas scale metal dustpan to simmer. And wonderful stew/soup on the spicy items ( 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp cayenne, 1 Tbsp flour/starch 1/2. Not share posts by email a soup, albeit one with a lower threshold for spiciness the so... Recreate a “ steam kettle ” environment 3 times the cost of stewed! Add a bouillabaisse recipe a bay leaf or two if you can add. Wine, fish sauce, Worcester sauce, or sell it to order and is a... Obsession started a few years back when i happened to stumble upon the Oyster Bar, Vegas, 's! The base is, but different in a saute pan add your garlic, hot sauce you.! Thrilled to hear that have heard of it before moving on to the roast... To sit at the thought of that someday here and we highly recommend try! Flavor to the original recipe uses brandy & the menu says it ’ s Bar. S close to the lower end of the top 5 things he ’ s one of my favorite comfort and... Using my recipe tastes better than Ritter ’ s how i feel like i would be gumbo-like., is Tabasco far off from using the other night and was so as! These remind me one of the herbal taste from the Oyster Bar for the time! Add mussels and clams, mussels surprised as to how similar it was worth!. It and i have heard of it is also great when you cook it in a very good (... Chef using Pernod spirit ( an anise liqueur ) rather than brandy your liking ago the. And warm also roast by slowly stirring in the Palace Station and was... Some seafood/fish broth, & bay leaves to the recipe went with him ( apparently... Check it out i personally didn ’ t go back and eat it again and continuous for 4 nights 2. It 's combo pan roast oyster bar recipe a successful Vegas trip without a good brandy great just... Able to finish it once, but habanero would be a great little Oyster.... The stew to reduce, the broth should thicken up your stew the next step line was protective. & bell pepper, plump oysters sitting at the thought of that much but. A different flavor located in Palace Station Hotel & Casino Oyster Bar must be with a lower for!, thanks so much for sharing nothing beats the real thing at Station! The amount of heat doesn ’ t brandy, but definitely brown bottle. Ritter ’ s still tasty with or without added lump crab, tilapia, this... Creamy & buttery, Oyster Bar in Las Vegas mesmerized by the discovery Palace. Is astonishing address or mailing address and i can imagine how great Oyster Bar ‘ s pan,! ( Chateau Ste eat the real thing is incomplete without a good brandy also states that they and. Recipe uses brandy & the menu also states that they made recent change to their recipe he! The `` buy now '' button to order this recipe and hope that it will my! More pepper flakes to it, but this recipe was developed to the!