Epic Announce Fortnite 2020 Competitive Rules

Fortnite is a fun game to play casually, but even more fun to play seriously. It is kind of unique in the way it has gone about fostering a competitive crowd though. Epic holding in-game events to hand out prizes for the best players both makes it accessible for anyone and vulnerable. We, unfortunately, saw an awful lot of the downsides of this last year. The Fortnite World Cup’s qualifiers were rife with cheating and aimbots continue to run rampant in the game’s Cash cups. If you’re trying to compete in some of these in-game events, it can be frustrating. As something of a fix, Epic has announced Fortnite 2020 Competitive rules, these hope to deal with the problems.

Cheating isn’t a problem for the top pro players, but at regular in-game competitive events cause real problems. The implementation of some stricter rules should help the game keep better track of rogue players and reward those with skill more effectively. This new batch of rules announced is in addition to the basic Fortnite rules. They don’t change any fundamental about the game but add more protections. They seem designed to make it easier to ban players suspected of cheating, even if no blatant proof is visible in the game itself.

A lot of the new Fortnite 2020 competitive rules seem to come down to stopping collusion between players. This is a major problem in the game and one that is hard to enforce. The new rules make it a bannable offense to even organize rotations with other players. This gets a bit complicated, but the new rules should help you know what to steer clear of.

Fortnite 2020 Competitive Rules

Fortnite 2020 Competitive Rules

The new Fortnite 2020 competitive rules have been introduced to allow Epic to judge easier when two players and collaborating. These are the new rules that have been brought in for the year:

  • Players can’t work together to deceive or cheat other players during the match. Collusion comes down to two different things:
  • Teaming – Players working together despite not being on the same team
  • Planned movement – Agreeing to land at specific locations or organizing before the match begins.
  • Communisation – verbal and non-verbal signals to different players are banned.
  • Item Dumping – Dropping items for other players to collect.

These are the basics of what isn’t allowed. However, how this is enforced is a bit more complicated. Epic is watching out for a few key signs that they can interrupt as communication. These include:

  • Pick-Axe Swinging
  • Emotion
  • Toy Tossing
  • Jumping

These signs can be interpreted as communication between teammates or signaling to others. This means you’ve got to start being careful about how you interact in competitive game modes and arena since neatly all forms of communication between players is now banned or can be used as a reason for a ban if another player suspects you.

The Fortnite 2020 competitive rules should help to cut down on people exploiting the openness of the game in the future. If you’re looking to get ahead in 2020’s competitive modes and cash cups, our guides to Chapter 2 can help you make sure you’re properly prepared.

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