Fortnite FPS Trick – Epic responds to DrLupo’s FPS Claims

It all started when a Reddit post related to PUBG started doing the rounds. The post claims that playing at a higher FPS setting gives you the best fire-rate for guns like the Sub-Machine gun that have a high fire-rate. From this, what really caught everyone’s attention was the fact that the hardware which supported only lower FPS (Frames Per Second) were at a major disadvantage.

DrLupo had seen this post and did a similar test on Fortnite, the results were the same. A better FPS setting gives a better fire-rate in Fortnite also. DrLupo then Tweeted the same on his Twitter Page.

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In a normal day of Fortnite this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but when playing competitive tournaments this might give players a major advantage. DrLupo is yet to find out if the same is applicable with regards to building and doing edits on structures. Turbo-building glitches keep popping-up in various updates and FPS issues might be related to it.

Epic was quick enough to acknowledge the issue and replied to it stating that they’re working toward finding a fix.

Key Takeaways

Fortnite isn’t some regular shooter-game. It is the only multi cross-platform battle-royale game in the market. Being the first cross-platform game comes with a learning curve and players need to be up-to-date on changes that take place in the game. Hardware and in-game settings are the key factors to making sure your gaming experience is smooth.

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The New Sneaky-Snowman Item is Here to Stay!

The Sneaky-Snowman item is now a streamer favorite as it is a fun and a well balanced item. This item can be used in two ways:

  1. You can select it by holding down the “secondary fire” button and use it as a wearable that provides 100Hp until it is fully damaged.
  2. It’s primary use is to create a decoy snowman to distract players. You get 5 decoys when the item is obatined. Placing multiple decoys and then wearing the snowman is how it’s intended to be used.

Check out streamers reacting and using the Snowman for the first time:

Dakotaz and Symfuhny can be seen struggling when they first found it, but later in the stream, they pulled off some ridiculous game-play. Other gameplay tactics include using the snowman to block door entrances and forcing players to stay indoors. This is particularly good when the storm is encroaching.

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Dakotas and SymFuhny are pro-players who made their name in 2018 playing Fortnite. Dakatos is known for pulling of some of the most insane snipes in the game. Symfunny is one of the many naturally gifted young-guns getting ridiculously good at the game.

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Pro-streamers have lately noticed a “glitch” or what possibly could be a hidden feature in the Sneaky Snowman. Apparently, a player can use a snowman in high altitude situations and avoid fall damage.

To see this feature in action, Skip straight to 1:58 in the video below:


How is it Done?

  • In high ground situations,  build a floor structure and place a snowman on it.
  • Jump on top of the snowman and Edit the floor to make the snowman fall down.

Upon landing you’ll notice that neither the snowman nor the player lose any health. In the coming weeks, we are bound to see variants of this tactic come into play. We may also see Epic offer a patch if this feature was not intended. The sneaky-snowman sure has a lot of uses to it and might register a permanent slot in every player’s inventory soon.

Have you used the Sneaky Snowman? Share your successes and failures below.



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