Dance on Top Of a Ranger & 2 other Towers – Fortnite Tower Challenge

Season 7 of Fortnite is going by at a rapid pace and we’re already in Week 5, and that means we have new challenges to complete! One that is quite unique is the ‘Dance on Top of a Water Tower, Ranger Tower, Air Traffic Tower Challenge’, and of course we got you covered on this one as well.

To find the Fortnite towers you have to visit three different locations, as they are high up it’s easier to grab each one after dropping. That way you don’t have to gather materials to build your way up.

The first tower is in Retail Row and is a Water Tower, next in Lonely Lodge that is a ranger tower and the last one is in Frosty Flights which is the Air Traffic Tower.

Dance on Top of a Water Tower, Ranger Tower, Air Traffic Tower Challenge

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Fortnite Tower Locations:

  • Water Tower: Retail Row
  • Ranger Tower: Lonely Lodge
  • Air Traffic Tower: Frosty Flights

Dance on Top of Towers in Fortnite Challenge

When you completed your dance on top of the towers, a notification will pop up on your screen for a brief moment. Make sure you correctly completed the dance before moving on to the next locations. Also, this challenge does no needs to be completed in one single game, but you can complete multiple towers in one game even if it’s a quite a challenge in itself.

As always, if you successfully complete any dance on top of a tower, do not insta leave the game. What you want to do it is; win or lose the game in order for the challenge to added as progress. You can also do another challenge in the same game to be even more efficient while you got the challenge flow!

Either way, this challenge is very straightforward in the Week 5 Challenges. All you have to do is to either land or climb three different towers and just simply put down a nice little dance. And you’re done!

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