Dance in front of different Holiday Trees in Fortnite – All Locations

It’s finally holiday season, and the team behind Fortnite is kind enough to give us challenges with amazing rewards, every day for two weeks! The last couple of challenges haven’t been too confusing and was quite easy to solve.

However, today’s challenge ‘Dance in front of different Holiday Trees’ in Fortnite can be quite tricky. The new map is still unfamiliar to some, and I bet you all already have seen some Christmas trees.
Nevertheless, you have probably forgotten where they are now again?

No worries, we got you covered with all the locations of Christmas trees. All you have to do is a quick dance under them!

Locations for Dance Under Christmas Trees fortnite

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These are all 9 known locations:

  • Christmas tree #1: Happy Hamlet
  • Christmas tree #2: Lucky Landing
  • Christmas tree #3: Fatal Fields
  • Christmas tree #4: Paradise Palms
  • Christmas tree #5: Retail Row
  • Christmas tree #6: Tilted Towers
  • Christmas tree #7: Under Snobby Shores, on the Viking ship
  • Christmas tree #8: Pleasant Park
  • Christmas tree #9: Above Frosty Flights, the tree is inside the cabin

Dance in front of different Holiday Trees Locations in Fortnite

This challenge is literally perfect fit with the current winter-themed map. Here’s where to find each of the giant Christmas Trees in Fortnite and because so many of you are trying to land directly at a Christmas tree, there is a good chance to you’ll fail.

As always, remember to do not quit the game after you have made progress on the challenge. Also, when you successfully danced under a Christmas tree, it will be a notification up on the screen saying you have done so. Instead, win or lose the game, so your progress is saved. If we find more Christmas trees, we will update this article, but as of now, these are all we could find.

As some Christmas trees have a chest spawn under the tree, there will almost always be someone that lands before you. Unfortunately sometimes eliminates the fun before you even had a chance to bring out your dance.

Therefore, it can quite hard to say which tactic is the best one regarding getting the dances done quickly. Either go straight for a Christmas tree from the bus or play it out as a regular match and visit the trees under mid or late-game when fewer people are still in the game.

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