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NEWS: Fortnite Accidental Purchase Resolved & New Starter Pack Leak!

With the recent content update V8.10 now available to all users, new leaks for season 8 will be uncovered this week. For now, two additions to the game are on their way. An “Undo Purchase” option is now available in the item shop and a new Fortnite starter pack will be available as well.

The re-spawn van is yet to make an entrance in the game and data-miners haven’t discovered anything new related to it. Epic has included some aspects of the Apex Legends ping system and the introduction of its re-spawn van is the most anticipated feature within the Fortnite Community. Since people are aware that a re-spawn van is coming, Epic is certainly looking to surprise its users with additional updates.

“Undo Purchases” to be Introduced Soon!

The biggest concerns with regards to making purchases in the item store are accidental purchases. Many users constantly reach out to Epic for refunds with regards to accidental purchases or simply because they did not like the item. Parents had issues when kids came back to them saying they accidentally pressed the purchase button and spent all of their v-bucks unknowingly.

As always, Epic took their time but they finally listened to the community. An “Undo Purchase” option is coming soon to the item shop. From what we know, there are going to be terms and conditions attached along with it.

  • Users will have 5 minutes to apply for a refund.
  • Users who have played a match after the purchase will not be eligible for the refund.
  • Lifetime refund token does not get deducted while using this feature.

This is another crucial step Epic has taken to ensure in-game micro-transactions are safe and secure. The feature is still not implemented yet, but it’s coming soon.

A New Starter Pack is Coming Soon to the In-Game Item Shop!

Starter kits ideally include in-game cosmetics as well as a certain amount of V-bucks. In Fortnite terms, this is the best ‘bang for your buck’ as it is cheap and includes multiple goodies. Every season typically features one starter pack that is introduced a couple of weeks into the season.

This season a Pineapple wrap will also be available. A laguna outfit and pineapple themed back bling are the other two items of this pack. Apart from these cosmetics, users are ideally awarded 600 v-bucks as well for future purchases from the item shop.

In the previous seasons, the starter pack was priced at 5$. We’re expecting the price to stay the same.

With the “Counter-Attack” outfits making an appearance in the item shop, other exclusives are rumored to be featured in the item shop soon. The Galaxy skin which was once exclusive only to Samsung galaxy users might no longer be exclusive and might be available for 1200 v-bucks sometime this season.

Which are your favorite “exclusive” outfits? Are you happy with the “undo purchase” feature coming in?

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