Latest Update: Fortnite Treasure Map, Weekly Challenges & More..

A lot has been happening since the launch of Season 8 and Epic has still not revealed what the caption “X marks the spot” means. The whole Fortnite community is expecting this a season with a lot of changes and they expect Fortnite to stay on top as the most watched game on Twitch. A lot is expected to happen this week.

With the first content update set to roll out this week, Epic has already teased the return of the treasure map. Data-miners have discovered the next set of weekly challenges and have published it on the Fortnite community page. Also, many players had spotted a “respawn-van” while playing and it looks like the respawn feature in Apex Legends is coming to Fortnite.

Treasure Map is Back!

For the past two seasons, Epic had vaulted the use of treasure maps to complete challenges. Now, it looks like Epic is set to bring back the treasure map in a different way. Treasure maps in previous seasons were used to find battlestars and complete weekly challenges.

This season, treasure maps are set to play a more prominent role in the game. By the look of it, players who find the treasure map will be able to see an “X” mark on the Battle Royale map.  The “X” is where players could possibly find some llama-level loot. A higher valued supply drop is most likely what the “X” is all about.

Apex Style Respawning Coming Soon to Fortnite?

Users have been posting multiple renders of what looks like a re-spawn van.

In Apex legends, players have the option to recover their teammate’s “tag” and use a re-spawn beacon to bring their teammates back. This is possible even if they were knocked down. Unless the whole team is eliminated, players have the chance to revive their teammates using the respawn beacon. This feature got rave reviews from the gaming community and Fortnite looks like they’re including this into their game-play as well.

A glitch in the servers forced Fortnite to give a glimpse of this van to many players.


Weekly Challenges for Weeks 2-4 Have Been Leaked!

As always, data-miners do not hold back when they come across files that shed light on the future of Fortnite.  The FortniteLeaks reddit page posted a screenshot of in-game files that show challenges from week 2 – week 4.


Upon the last update, data-miners were quickly able to fetch these files allowing players to get a heads-up on what’s to come. In hindsight, this gives players the opportunity to practice certain weapons such as the “pirate cannon” before the challenge is out.

A majority of these challenges are a repeat of previous challenges.  Using a pirate cannon to deal damage to opponents is one of the relatively new challenges.

Bonus: Hint for Week- 2 Challenges: With the removal of the X-4 Stormwing, new forms of rotation methods have come into play. Volcano vents now launch players into the sky allowing them to relocate to a different town if needed. Majority of the upcoming challenges require players to cover a lot of ground and using these vents will help complete them way faster.

What do you think about the Respawn Van? Are Week 2-4 Challenges tougher than the previous ones? What do you think “X marks the spot” means?

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