Free Gift for Marshmello Fortnite Skin Owners, New Item in Shop Soon?

Since the majority of users earned themselves a free battle pass for Season 9, Fortnite fanatics are now looking to spend those saved v-bucks on rare or legendary skin. Previous “Exclusive” outfits are now appearing in the item shop and users are getting confused as to why the tag “exclusive” was given previously to the skin.  All this and more in this week’s daily news update.

Lets start with a bonus!

Free Custom Marshmello Wallpaper for Marshmello Skin Users

Epic is gifting Marshmello skin users a free item as an apology for a bug that disabled the skin for almost a week.  Epic is forever in debt to Marshmello skin owners as they turned up in huge numbers for the Marshmello event. Over 10 million users were online at the same time for the Marshmello concert at Pleasant Park and Marshmello’s own custom outfit was the most worn outfit for the event. Hence the game-makers will always have a special connection to this skin.

marshmello outfit

Unfortunately for Epic, the Marshmello outfit was disabled due to a bug and users were notified accordingly. Epic doesn’t hold back in giving free stuff to it’s faithful users and this time a custom Marshmello wallpaper will be available to all Marshmello skin owners. If you are one among the owners of this skin,  all you have to do is login and you should be able to see the above notification.

Beware of the Fork Knife Bug Near Fatal fields

Users are encountering a bug that eliminates them on the spot when visiting the fork knife area near fatal fields. Epic was quick to acknowledge the issue and even tweeted about it.

A fix to this issue is set to be rolled out in the next content update. As of now, it’d be better if players ignore this location for a while. Also, certain locations besides The Block have reported similar bugs. A lot of changes are happening to the map and it is only normal for us to encounter a bug every now and then.

Is the Galaxy Skin Finally Coming to the Item Shop for All Users?

A few months back Epic offered an “exclusive” bundle to Nvidia users upon purchase. The Counter attack bundle was given away as an exclusive bundle to any customer who purchased a specific Nvidia Graphics card. Well, a few days back both the male and female versions of this outfit along with the back-pack and glider, were made available to all users via the item shop.

Ever since the appearance of these skins in the item shop, the whole community has been wondering whether the Galaxy Skin (which was exclusive to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users) will be available in the item shop soon.  All we know is that, if it does come it will be priced at 1200 v-buck similar to the Counter-Attack bundle.

Watch streamers including CourageJD and Cloakzy have their say on the whole “exclusive skins” coming to the item shop below,


How many rare or exclusive skins do you have? Did you encounter the Fork Knife bug? How has your season been so far?

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