NEWS: Fortnite Tournament Pin and Keybind Tips from Tfue

Epic has major plans for Fortnite in 2019 and in-game tournaments are going to be a key aspect. The game creators plan to include a Fortnite World-Cup later this year. They’ve already posted an update on what they plan to do in the upcoming months.

In this recent blog post, Epic points out various improvements coming to their tournament structure.

Key Changes Coming to Tournaments in Fortnite

Tournament Rewards

Scoring 20-30 points (depending on the tournament) in a tournament earns you a pin. Until now, this pin has only had cosmetic value and all you could do is show it off to your friends. But now, earning a pin may shortlist users to other private tournaments. Epic plans to observe and make improvements to this structure and more is to be announced in the coming months. Players with the most pins will be monitored by Epic and invites will be sent accordingly for regional tournaments.

Epic has also said that they are interested in partnering up with third-party organizers like the ESL for hosting tournaments worldwide.

New “Spectator & Broadcast” Features Coming Soon

Epic is set to include the various camera options on all major tournaments that are going to be aired this year. Spectators will have the option to view various parts of the map and have access to various other in-game stats.  Epic has once again stressed on the fact that they’ll be testing various combinations of these features throughout the coming up months, all of this leading to the Fortnite World-Cup 2019.

Probably sometime this week, we should be able to see various “spectator options” available to users in the “in-game tournament mode”.

Detailed Tournament Stats to be Displayed 

Previously, users could only see their “elimination and placement stats”. Epic now plans to include more stats. Apart from this, comparisons with other players and a more detailed report on each tournament will be available.

ESL Katowice Fortnite

Epic plans to include story highlights for players, which include key moments during each match. After season 6, BattlePass owners were given access to an individual stat reel which re-capped the whole season. Highlight reels of individual matches will be made available to players soon.

Also, Epics has added extra layers of security to strengthen their “Anti-Cheat” policy. Epic still has a zero-tolerance policy towards using cheats like “Aim-Bots” and will ban any account associated with cheating during tournaments.

TFUE Tweets out Keybind Tips for Beginners

Pro-Player Tfue recently tweeted to help players who’ve recently entered into the world of Fortnite. Unlike other shooter games, Fortnite has the added element of building. Hence, personalizing keybinds can be tricky and figuring out the right balance may take time.

A lot of his fans have been asking Tfue to help them out with the right keybinds. Tfue had tweeted this in response

Tfue reiterates the importance of side button on the mouse. Assigning more functions to easy-access keys is what the pro’s recommend doing.

Click here for Tfue’s Keybinds and Fortnite settings

What keybinds are you using? If you’re new to the game, try and use the suggestions Tfue has prompted, it’s probably the best setting to start-off with.



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