All You Need to Know About Cizzorz Death Run 2.0 Code (Revealed)

Cizzorz has come out with the second version of the DeathRun and this obstacle course is way tougher than it’s the previous version. There is a huge prize money giveaway of $5000 for the top 3 players who complete it the fastest.

Initially, the contest was scheduled to be launched on January 6th, but while Cizzorz and his team were working on the map a bunch of “No-skin” users entered his lobby and caused mayhem. They managed to damage structures and ruin portions of the map. Apart from this, the build code of the map was leaked a few days back.

Cizzorz Death Run 1.0

Death Run is considered an obstacle course that tests a player’s maneuverability to the max. Trap towers, narrow ledges, steep falls and other such obstacles have been added through this course. To be honest, this is sort of similar to a digital version of the “American Ninja Warrior”.

Throughout December, Fortnite’s creative community was buzzing about the Death Run (1.0). You could find almost every celebrity/Pro streamers genuinely trying their best to complete the course. The majority of them gave-up halfway after many grueling attempts.

CourageJD had posted his attempt on this ridiculously tough course, along with clips from other streamers trying the Death Run course. He was found cursing (in a fun way) Cizzorz throughout while attempting each stage of the course.

Take a look here:

Winner and Prize Money for Death Run 1.0

Suezhoo won prize money of $1500 for completing this course and setting a world record time of 3:15. The last day of the contest was on December 31st, hence Suezhoo has been officially declared as the Death Run 1.0 champion.

Besides the money, Cizzorz made sure Suezhoo got all the credit he deserves and posted a video of the record-breaking run along with a shout-out to all of his streaming channels.

Here’s the upload by Cizzorz:

Click here to know more about Cizzorz fortnite settings .

Death Run has it’s own rules and players have to stick to the rules to be eligible for the giveaway. Total prize money of $5000 has been allotted for this contest and it is to be split amongst the first, second and third positions.

  • 1st Prize: $3500
  • 2nd Prize: $1000
  • 3rd prize: $500

Rules for DeathRun 2.0

  • Items can’t be carried from one level to the next. For eg, level 5 has impulse grenades, these grenades cannot be used in level 6.
  • The Run starts the moment a player leaves the spawning area and ends when he lands on the lama.
  • Respawning invincibility can’t other be used to skip parts of the course.

The deadline date for submissions is on the 31st of January.

Cizzorz has posted a run-through of the map, check it out here:

How to Participate in the Death Race?

  • Login to Creative mode
  • Select the option “Set Island Code” near a rift on the Creative IslandS
  • SetCode – 6509-1069-6161
  • Enter the island

Once you enter the island, you’ll have to select “Start Game” from the options menu to start the run.

To everyone participating in this contest, Cizzorz has asked them to use the keywords “Cizzorz” or “DeathRun” in their video titles. This helps Cizzorz find the videos and live streams on Twitch. He even said that he’d even drop by and watch streamers attempting to complete DeathRun 2.0.

Reach Top 3 and This Might Start Your Fortnite Career

Cizzorz has promised shout-outs to all the winners. This is bigger than the prize money because of the number of people Cizzorz attracts on a daily basis.

Cizzorz has 3.2 million subscribers at the moment and that number is going down anytime soon. Just a fraction of that number in subscriptions is enough to get a Fortnite career started.

All the Best to the Contestants!

Remember to go through the rules and adhere to them to be eligible for this contest. Every player has time until the end of this month to record and submit their speed runs.

To all the players attempting this course, the key is to be patient. This isn’t a course one can master in a single attempt, stay calm and get used to respawning for hours.

Good luck!

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