Best Monitors for PS4 and Xbox One – Console Gaming Monitors 2018

Looking for the best monitors for PS4 and XBOX One to experience a whole new world of ultimate gaming?

Do you want to get a gaming monitor for your console so that you can play games clearly with every inch of detail?

Do you want to get rid of the TV because of its low resolution, and want to shift to a gaming monitor for the more competitive approach?

Don’t worry, we have got it all covered for you as our main theme today is to discuss the best console gaming monitors.

Best Monitors for PS4 and Xbox One

The thing is, why do you need a gaming monitor for PS4 or Xbox One? The answer is simple. As compared to ordinary TVs, gaming monitors have excellent response times.

They are responsive and provide a smooth gaming display, and they give you every inch of detail you are expecting from it. Furthermore, they are specially made for gaming rather than for other tasks.

So, it is fair to say that your gaming is incomplete without a gaming monitor for PS4 and box one.

Our Pick

  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 28” Display Size
  • 4K Resolution

Premium Pick

  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • 28” Display Size
  • 4K Resolution

For Console & PC

  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 27” Display Size
  • 2K Resolution

In the article, we’ll go thru some amazing monitors, as well on what things you should consider. One thing you’ll commonly see is what refresh rate an monitor has, it’s essentially how many frames the screen updates per second. While on PC you would rather go for the highest you could afford, however, with consoles most games only runs on 30 or 60 frames per second (fps). Therefore getting a monitor with more than 60Hz refresh rate would be unnecessary. It still could be a good idea to get a 144Hz monitor if you use it both while gaming on your computer, and your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Best Monitor for PS4 and Xbox One 2018

Gaming Laptop NameScreen SizeRefresh RateResponse Time
ASUS MG28UQ 4K (Winner Console Monitor)28″60Hz1msCheck Price
Samsung UH75028″60Hz1msCheck Price
Dell Ultra 4k P2715Q27″60Hz1msCheck Price
LG 27UD58-B27″60Hz1msCheck Price
AOC AGON AG271QX27″144Hz1msCheck Price

Importance of Gaming Monitors for Console

Well, gaming monitors play an important role in providing you the best gaming experience. They are better in every aspect from the regular TVs, and once you get hands on one of these, you will understand the main difference between a gaming monitor and a TV screen. The monitors commonly provide you a perfect 4K resolution, like a TV, but with many other extra features which makes the console gaming superior. However, the price range is a bit higher in these monitors, but still, the features and gaming experience they provide, make them worth every penny!

Considering the advantages and importance of a gaming monitor for a PS4 or Xbox One, we have decided to review some of the best console monitors for you so that you can make an easy decision on which one to buy. These gaming monitors will provide you a whole new level of gaming, and you will be happy you got one for your PS4 or Xbox One.

The monitors we have listed are adequately tested by professional console gamers on the basis of their performance, resolution, screen, aspect ratio and user ratings respectively.

In other words, you will only find professional gaming monitors here because we don’t want to deal with anything less.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the monitors for PS4 and Xbox one to buy in 2018.

ASUS MG28UQ 4K – Best Monitors for Console Gaming

ASUS MG28UQ tops the list for being the top choice gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One. The gaming monitor provides some impressive features and specs which will make you fall in love with it. The sleek and slim design plus the stylish black colors and rugged construction makes it ultra durable and sturdy as well. The monitor can handle all types of resolution up to 4K. On the other hand, it comes with many advanced features which will not only increase you gaming productivity but will also make it easy on your eyes. Let’s take a look at some of the features it comes in.

Key Features:

  • 4K Resolution: One of the most important and crucial features in this gaming monitor is it comes with 4K resolution. The UHD 4K resolution allows you to play games with every single detail. Furthermore, the 4K feature is now one of the most popular resolutions used in most of the gaming monitors, and of course in the ASUS MG28UQ monitor as well. The screen measures 28″.
  • Eye Care technology: ASUS monitor comes in with an eye care technology. The technologies like TUV certified Flicker free and blue light filter keep your eyes away from fatigue and tire so that you can play your favorite games on PS4 or Xbox one all day long and without any eye issues. 
  • Ergonomic Design Stand: The stand of the monitor is ergonomically designed which allows you with tilt, Swivel, height adjustment as well as the wall-mount capability for a comfortable viewing position. You can choose whatever your need is, and set the screen according to your comfort. 
  • Response time: The response time of this gaming monitor is only 1ms which makes it super responsive to different games. On the other hand, it also comes with Adaptive-Sync technology which allows smooth visuals and a very responsive control as well. 
  • Extra Features and Specs: The gaming monitor comes in with 2x HDMI ports, Display Port, and 2x USB 3.0 ports. Furthermore, it contains 5-way OSD joystick control as well. Asus also provides a rapid three years replacement warranty on this gaming monitor. 

Final thoughts

Well, the gaming monitor comes in with many advanced features and in a reasonable price range. The perfect viewing position feature, 4K feature, 1ms response time and smooth visuals are some of the reasons that you should buy it.

ASUS MG28UQ is a monitor that every PS4 and Xbox one user will love to have in his or her gaming rig. The monitor comes in with many advanced features and is equipped with some great technologies as well. Go for it if you need a 4K resolution monitor for your PS4 or Xbox One.


  • Perfect for PS4 and Xbox one users.
  • 28" Screen.
  • Full 4K feature.
  • Eye-care technology.
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology.
  • Great Response time.


  • Controls are of average quality.

Samsung UH750 LED-Lit Monitor

Samsung UH750 comes 2nd on our list for being an excellent gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One users. The monitor comes in with a sleek design and advanced technologies which makes it worthy to be on the top. As we all know, Samsung has been a leader in producing TV and monitors, and that’s the main reason for this gaming monitor being so popular and famous. The 28″ screen, responsive time and 4K features are just impressive and mesmerizing. Let’s take a look at some of the features it provides.

Key Features:

  • 4K QLED Display: The gaming monitor comes in with a 4K QLED display which lets you enjoy the gaming like never before. You will feel like you are on with the display. The ultra-realistic QLED display allows you to have a high-end gaming experience. The gaming monitor also comes in with a wider screen, which lets you get a broader viewing area. 
  • Expressive Colors: The gaming monitor comes up with blending quantum dots consisting of about 1 billion shades of color, which allow the monitor to show you vivid and responsive images. And, the green and red colors are freed from any kind of desaturation. This makes the LED even more livable, and what you see on the screen looks like something from real life. 
  • Multitasking: Apart from being a gaming monitor, it also comes in with excellent multitasking features so you can play games and manage other tasks at the same time. The PBP dual screen function lets you connect two devices to the monitor at the same time maintaining original image quality. On the other hand, the PIP image sub screen function allows you to enjoy a sub screen easily. You can increase the sub screen size to about 25%. 
  • Beautiful Ergonomic Design: The gaming monitor does come with a slim body, narrow bezel and a graceful metallic stand which adds more to the beauty. If you are a console gamer and want to enjoy a clean and sleek gaming monitor with an extra touch of design, this gaming monitor is the perfect choice for you. 
  • Extra Features: Other than the significant features, the Samsung QLED monitor also comes up with 1 ms response time, 60Hz rate, 59 W power consumption rate, and quantum dot design as well. 

Final thoughts

Samsung has really banged all the specs in this gaming monitor. With its exceptional features, it is ideal for multitasking people as well. So, if you want to manage other things as well, apart from gaming this monitor is an excellent choice for you.

Samsung UH750 is the gaming monitor having many advanced features in a hefty price range. The sleek design, powerful 4K feature, quantum dots technology and ergonomic touch are all the reasons for falling in love with this gaming monitor. Go for it only if you have got a suitable budget to buy an amazing gaming monitor for PS4 and Xbox One.


  • 4K UHD resolution.
  • Quantum Dots technology.
  • Smart and Ultra Slim Design.
  • Eye-care technology.
  • Metallic Stand.
  • Multitasking features available.


  • A bit pricey.

Dell Ultra 4k P2715Q

Dell Ultra P2715Q has also got the attention of many PS4 and Xbox One players who want to enjoy gaming with a clean and smooth display. The gaming monitor has got an eye catchy design, and it looks quite good in the room as well. The gaming monitor comes in with 4K resolution and is a simple one as well. The price is also in a good range, and other features are up to the mark so that you can enjoy gaming like never before. Let’s talk about the key elements of this gaming monitor one by one.

Key Features:

  • sRGB Color: The monitor comes in with a 99% of sRGB colors which makes sure that the colors are accurate and bright enough to provide you a stable gameplay experience. Furthermore, the monitor also arrives at a deltaE of ≦3 which makes all the colors more accurate than ever. 
  • 4K Resolution: The monitor has 4K resolution. It allows you a perfect declaration of 4K which enable you to enjoy the gaming like never before. You will feel a whole new world of details and smoother gameplay with the help of its LED screen. 
  • Viewing Positions: You can adjust the viewing positions according to your needs and height easily. There are tilt, swivel and height adjustment options available which allows you to change the LED according to your demand, providing you a better perspective of the game you are playing. The wall-mounting option is also available which is a nice little detail for gamers who like to have their monitor on the wall. 
  • Compatibility: The monitor comes in with great compatibility options. Its compatible with the Windows OS, and you can use it to connect to PS4 and Xbox One of course. The greater compatibility option makes it a perfect choice for PC and console gamers. 
  • Extra Features: Dell gaming monitor comes in with a built-in diagnostic tool which allows you to diagnose the color abnormality options and determine the issues in color abnormality. Besides, monitor response rate is 1 ms which is also up to the mark. There are 1.07 billion colorings available in this gaming monitor as well, and the screen has got a robust anti-glare coating as well. 

Final thoughts

The monitor comes in with many advanced specs. It also has got a reasonable price range and will allow you to have 4K gaming experience with accurate and sharp colors. So, these are some of the probable reasons that will enable you to go for it.

Dell P2715Q is one of the greatest monitors for PS4 and Xbox One players and got many advanced features like 4K, 99% sRGB colors, Viewing positions, etc. Which will make you fall in love with it. Go for it if you need a mid-budget gaming monitor for your PS4 or Xbox One to enjoy gaming from a whole new perspective.


  • Smart Design.
  • 4K UHD resolution.
  • 99% sRGB color.
  • Wall-mounting available.


  • Firmware is not good.

LG 27UD58-B Monitor with FreeSync

LG 27UD58-B is a versatile monitor for PS4 and Xbox One gamers who want to enjoy a whole new experience of gaming with a high-resolution display. The monitor has got many exceptional features, and that’s why many PS4 gamers across the globe like it. The monitor displays a full 4K video resolution features and comes in with a sleek design as well. It has got an ultra-thin screen and stylish construction. High-quality materials make it more rugged and impressive. Let’s take a look at some of the key features it comes in.

Key Features:

  • 4K Resolution: The LG gaming monitor has got a UHD 4K resolution with an IPS display which will give you every bit of detail. There are 8.3 million pixels on the screen with a 3840×2160 resolution, which makes the screen four times more HD than the typical LED monitors. 
  • FreeSync: LG has introduced a FreeSync Technology in this gaming monitor which allows the PS4 or Xbox gamer to enjoy the game with a fluid movement. FreeSync reduces the tearing and stuttering issues which can occur due to the difference in GPU’s frame rate and monitor’s refresh rate. FreeSync only works when the monitor is connected to display port. 
  • On-Screen Control: The monitor comes in with an On-screen control which allows you to access different options with just a few clicks. You can manage volume, screen brightness, split screen and many other options with only 2 to 3 clicks. This feature keeps the gamer away from any kind of time wastage, and he or she can set the options according to that person needs easily. 
  • Game Mode: There are three different game modes available in the gaming monitor, which allows the user to set the gaming mode according to his or hers needs. Two First-person Shooter modes and an RTS pre-set mode will enable you to set the mode which looks more suitable to you. 
  • Extra features: The gaming laptop comes with may advanced gaming features which allow you to have clear dark details during dark environment as well. Other than that, the split screen 2.0 feature is also available in which you can split the screen to do multitasking at the same time. The arc line design makes it more eye catchy and beautiful as well. 

Final thoughts

The LG gaming monitor is specially made for gamers. It allows the console gamers to enjoy every bit of the games with the help of UHD display, and many other advanced gaming features. So, these are some worthy reasons to buy this fantastic gaming monitor.

LG 27UD58-B is the best budget 4K gaming monitor available on the market. Its features are awesome, and it allows you to enjoy endless gaming sessions with your friends. Go for it if you need a budget monitor in a reasonable price range, for your PS4 or Xbox One consoles.


  • Lightweight.
  • Sleek and slim design.
  • UHD 4K resolution.
  • 3 gaming modes.
  • Ideal for PS4 gamers.
  • Split Screen 2.0


  • The mild rainbow outcome on white surroundings.


AOC AGON AG271QX comes as the last candidate on our list, some impressive features which will get your attention on just a first sight. The gaming monitor is perfectly suitable for PS4 and Xbox One gamers who want who enjoy a high detailed gameplay experience while playing different games. The monitor showcases a slim and smart design with a metallic stand which adds more to its beauty. The construction is rugged and sturdy as well which makes it durable and reliable at the same time. The highlights are much more than you think. Let’s take a look at some of the features it comes with:

Key Features:

  • 4K Resolution: The gaming monitor comes in with a full HD 4K display which allows you to enjoy gameplay with crisp and vivid video details. Furthermore, it has got a Quad HD feature which gets you four times the resolution of 720p HD. Technically, you can add four 720p videos to the screen at the same time. The screen size is 27 inch as well. The color properties are accurate and sharp which ensures that you have got every single bit of detail of the game you are playing. 
  • Refresh rate and Response Time: With a refresh rate of 144Hz, you get a smooth motion of the different game characters easily. The refresh rate is 2.4x higher than that if typical monitors as well. The fast response rate of 1ms means that you get to enjoy gaming without image smearing or ghosting issues which tends to happen to monitors with slow frame rate. In short, you get a gameplay experience free of any lag and glitches. 
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology: AGON gaming monitor has got an adaptive-synch technology. The function of this feature is to reduce the image stuttering and tearing issues which happens commonly when there is a major difference between graphics card frame rate and the monitor refresh rate. Adaptive-Sync technology allows you to lower that difference which results in smoother gameplay with many sharp details. 
  • Quick Switch Controller Mode: Quick Switch Controller mode is also available in this gaming monitor, which allows you set three different gaming modes on the monitor. You can also choose your preferred brightness, contrast and other significant features easily with the quick switch controller mode. You will not need to pause the game, again and again, to change the settings as this mode will allow you to change it quickly. 
  • Extra Features: The gaming monitor has got a 27-inch screen size and is lightweight as well. Additional, it has also got a metallic stand which adds a more eye-catchy look to it. AGON Monitor also comes in a reasonable price range which lets you enjoy the perks of full HD 4K resolution at a cheap price. 

Final thoughts

From the features, it is quite clear that this is a reliable monitor. You cannot find a better gaming monitor than this in such a cheap price range. So, you should buy it if you have got a short budget to spend on a monitor for PS4 and Xbox One.

AOC AGON AG271QX is the gaming monitor for a low budget. You will enjoy features like 4K, Adaptive-Synch technology, a quick switch controller and many other features in such a short price range. Go for it if you need an excellent gaming monitor for your PS4 or Xbox One in an affordable price range.


  • Low budget console monitor
  • Ultra Thin Design.
  • Quick Switch Controller.
  • 3 gaming modes.
  • 4K resolution.
  • 1ms response time.
  • 144Hz refresh rate.
  • Adaptive-Synch Technology.


  • Blacks are displayed rather bright.
  • When viewed from the side, colors washes out.
Best Monitor for PS4 and Xbox One

Things To Look Out Before Buying a Console Gaming Monitor

First, let’s talk about a disadvantage to play on a gaming monitor, and that is obviously the size. Still, they average around 27-28″ but you cant compare that to a 50″ TV. However, the size is not why you buy a gaming monitor because you want to have full control of your focus, with a smaller size you can sit nearer the screen and at the same time concentrating easier on less information, for example, your crosshair. Next, it’s not ideal for multiplayer games because of its smaller size. Gaming monitors is purely a choice for the competitive solo player who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level. With that said, let’s have a look at the technical specifications for monitors that you need to know about.


In a gaming monitor for a console you ideally want to be looking at 1920 x 1080 resolution, at least. Thats because most of the games run at 1080p Full HD on both the PS4 and Xbox One. You don’t have to go any further than that, until the games and technology are getting into 4K. However, getting a 4K gaming monitor could be an option if you want to safe up for the future.

Response time

Low response time is probably one of the most critical aspects of a gaming monitor for console, together with low input lag. As the most gaming monitors have a TN panel, nothing less than 1ms is what you are aiming for. And luckily that is pretty standard for high-end gaming products.

Refresh rate

Generally, console games don’t get above 60Hz in refresh rate, and getting more on your monitor won’t be noticeable by the player. However, if you use your monitor for both PC and PS4 / Xbox One gaming we would recommend getting a 144Hz monitor, and who knows you might do in the future. 144Hz is getting more common in the gaming industry, so the difference in price isn’t that big.

Port connection

A gaming monitor should have minimum one HDMI connection as both PS4 and Xbone One use these to be connected. Additionally, most monitors have more than one HDMI, plus other connections types so that you can use it for your computer as well, which probably also uses HDMI.


After a long review of some of the best monitors for PS4 and Xbox users, we are now sure that you won’t face any issue in making a perfect choice. So, what are you waiting for? Find a gaming monitor from the list mentioned above and enjoy gaming like never before. If you are still confused, we will recommend you to get the brand new Samsung UH750 as it has acquired the best features in a reasonable price range. So, give this article a thorough read, make your choice and enjoy a smooth gameplay experience on your PS4 or Xbox One console.

Good Luck!

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