Best Mouse For Fortnite Battle Royale – FPS Gaming Mice 2018

Are you serious about winning those Battle Royales?

Then you should be serious with what mouse you use!

Having an accurate and responsive mouse can significantly improve your performance in your gaming experiences. That’s why we’ll be discussing & reviewing the best FPS gaming mouse 2018 today!

Especially in a game like Fortnite where not only a high-quality mouse is handy but also having smart and comfortable mouse buttons to use. Binding your buildings to mouse buttons can decrease your response time and get you an advantage in close combats.

Best Mouse For Fortnite

As you always will have your fingers on the buttons on your mouse, it’s incredibly efficient and widespread use by the pros.

The products available today is overwhelming to say at least and as the gaming scene is steadily growing, so makes the selections.

Best Overall

  • 11 Buttons
  • 200-12000 DPI
  • Adjustable Weight System


  • 8 Buttons
  • 100-12000 CPI
  • Silicone Side Grips

Budget Pick

  • 7 Buttons
  • Up to 16000 DPI
  • Fast Switch for Different DPI

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Best FPS Gaming Mouse for Fortnite

MouseButtonsDPIPolling rateSensor
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum (Winner)11200 to 120001 ms (1000 Hz)PMW3366Check Price
Razer DeathAdder Elite7Up to 160001 ms (1000 Hz)PMW3389Check Price
Logitech G60020Up to 82001 ms (1000 Hz)Avago S9808Check Price
Logitech G Pro6200 to 120001 ms (1000 Hz)PMW3366Check Price
SteelSeries Rival 7007100 to 160001 ms (1000 Hz)PMW3360Check Price
SteelSeries Sensei 3108100 to 120001 ms (1000 Hz)PMW3360Check Price

How We Picked the Gaming Mice

Our procedure for choosing a gaming mouse is straightforward. We picked the mice by their performance, professional gamers, durability, gaming features and user ratings. So that you won’t have to research countless of hours for a mouse dedicated for gaming that you can rely on in every situation.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – Top Fortnite Mouse & FPS Games

Our winner and the first gaming mouse on the list is from Logitech. The G502 are for those who want to have a quality mouse to rely on, and pretty much a big chunk of the professional player base use this mice with confident. Proteus Spectrum is an updated version of the very popular Logitech Proteus Core. However, this version has RGB lightning that you can manage colours, cycle speed & patterns from Logitech’s fantastic software that comes with all gaming gear from them.

This mouse is customizable in every way you could imagine! It has 11 programmable buttons which can be key bound to what every use you want in games; this is also one of the biggest advantages it offers compared to others. You can add or remove up to 5 weights that come within the package, useful for those who preference a light or heavy mouse, to make fast or precious movements.

It goes all the way up to 12 000 DPI, which we don’t really see a logical reason for. As the most players use somewhere between 400 – 1200. However, it shows the technology behind this mouse are very well made. You can set two different DPI settings and switch between the two with a handy button, works great if you need to instantly slow down the sensitivity to hit those shots with precision.

The button placement on this is awesome, and you will not bump into them by mistake. A unique feature is that the scroll has 3 different buttons you can bind. The regular mouse scroll button, as well as left & right side clicking the scroll. This opens up for some totally new opportunities and is easy to reach!

The mouse-wheel also has two spin modes you can switch between, one regular and one free roll. The left and right mouse buttons, which arguably is the most important on a mouse, have a very crisp and precise feeling to them. It has a nice clicking sound that provides a good feedback for the user. Overall a comfortable and well-made mouse for gamers.


  • Extremely accurate
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Highly customizable for a tailor-made fit
  • Solid design suited for gamers


  • Has a cord
  • It could add maybe one more light source for the RGB lightning

Razer DeathAdder Elite – Best Budget Gaming Mouse

Next up, and the runner-up is from Razer. A super comfortable mouse that is a little bigger, the design is perfectly fitting for a firm hand grip. It has a nice matte finish which helps it not getting greasy or slippery. Razer has as well a program for their gaming devices.

However, Logitech’s is slightly more customizable and therefore a little better. DeathAdder has been on the market for a fairly long time now, yet it year after year is a steady best seller. It really has a stance in the gaming industry, and many users buy it again and again. It has been updated like many other products on this list, and it now offers RGB lightning. It has almost become an industry standard by now, so it might soon not even be considered as an extra feature.

This one goes up to 16 000 DPI, which once again, is really high. And even if was supported to even higher it wouldn’t really matter, as most users often use much lower DPI in gaming. With that said, the mouse breathes high quality and has one of the most impressive and straightforward designs we have seen. This mouse is especially for people with big hands.

It has two side buttons which is nicely placed by your thumb for fast access. It also has a fast switch for two different DPI modes you set in their program. As the design is more minimal and not bloated with buttons everywhere, it might very well fit at a work desk as well. To sum it up, the grip and size are for the player who wants to have a steady mouse they can rely on and makes precious movements. The price is slightly lower than other mouses in the same category, and we would say it’s a cheap gaming mouse that will last for a long time.


  • Steady and nice modern design
  • Well proven and accurate
  • Grips on the scroll
  • Has a left handed ediditon


  • Not that innovative in terms of functions
  • Not for those who have small hands

Logitech G600 – MMO Gaming Mouse

Next up, famous from the massively multiplayer online gaming community, we have the Logitech G600. If you thought that the Logitech G502 had many buttons with is eleven? Be prepared. This has a whopping twenty bindable buttons at your service! Hence why its priced as the greatest MMO gaming mouse of all times.

Alright, you might not need this many additional key-binds for most FPS games like Fortnite or PUBG, but you’ll be surprised what creative ways you could use this feature. Either way, despite all the buttons, its an incredibly high-quality mouse with great material, like most of Logitech’s mice.

With its mini ‘keyboard’ on the right-hand side of this mouse, its built for comfort with a sculpted shape for an easy no-look navigation. This mouse goes up to 8200 DPI, which is noticeably lower than other gaming mice on this list. However, as we said before this is not an issue as you’ll rarely see any professional player go above 2-3000 in DPI. But, it’s worth mentioning and is a small drawback for this particular mouse. The polling rate is 1 millisecond via the usual USB connection.

You’ll also find RGB lightning, which will light up the buttons so they easily can be seen in dark environments. It’s a custom-color backlighting where you can choose from an incredible 16 million colors. You can also create several profiles with this mouse for different games or users. The memory profiles are stored onboard, so you can use it on any computer you want without redoing the individual settings every time.


  • 20 programmable buttons
  • RGB backlighting
  • Onboard stored memory profiles
  • High-quality material


  • Not extremely high DPI
  • Side buttons take time to get used to

Logitech G Pro Gaming FPS Mouse – Affordable Gaming Mouse

This mouse is from Logitech as well. You could say its a more stripped down version of the G502 which is very technical. This one is more of a regular high quality gaming mouse, with buttons most mice has. However, the sensor is as accurate and the tracking is amazing gaming with this mouse! It has a cable which many still prefer due to latency, but a nice touch to this one is that the cord is braided instead of a rubbery coat. It’s a nice detail and the build feels overall robust for heavy use and long nights.

Here we are looking at 12 000 DPI as most of Logitech’s gaming mices. RGB lightning that light up the G logo on the mouse, but this is where your hand will be so it’s not very noticeably while playing. But who looks at the mice while gaming? If you are after a mouse that really lights up, this is not for you. However, it offers up to 16.8 million colors to match your style or team color. DPI fast switch for those who prefers that, it’s located right under the scroll wheel. You can change all these settings in Logitech‘s gaming software.

There is not much more to say about this mouse, a very solid and high quality mouse. But nothing special or extraordinary.

Some gamers prefers the simplicity and gear that will not fail. Then this is for you, if you are looking for a highly customizable and programmable mice, then you have to look at other options. 


  • Extremely high quality and feeling steady
  • Braided cord
  • The look is very modern and sleek


  • Mouse is definitely in the smaller category
  • The mouse wheel does not light up

SteelSeries Rival 700 – Most Value Gaming Mouse

Steelseries released their Rival series a couple of years ago, and now they have finally released the 700 version. This mouse is truly trying to innovate the gaming mouse market by adding some quite unique features. Too start with, it has an OLED screen on the side of the mouse. Here you can have text or information, Steelseries support many of the most popular games where you can have for example, your health or ammo in the screen updating in real time.

If that wasn’t enough it vibrates, this feature we haven’t seen any mice have yet. This could potentially result in you reacting faster, by for example taking damage in a game, it’s not always you have your eyes on the health bar at all times. A vibrating mouse can really trigger your attention to things that can be hard to multitask.

However, with features like these you could only expect a higher price. Worth mentioning its probably for one who doesn’t mind if a mouse can get a little pricey and generally have the top notch equipment. It has RGB lightning that we have talked about before in this article. Steelseries have as many other manufactures a program that you can download for your mouse, here you can change DPI or colors for the mouse. It even has lightning for the scroll wheel which many don’t have.

This mouse goes all the way up to 16 000 DPI and has a very accurate sensor that you even can replace. The thing with this mouse is that it has swappable parts, if something breaks you can just replace that part. Instead of going out and buy a totally new one! It has the regular side mouse buttons and that will cover the needs of most of the players. Anyway, a quite expensive mouse, yet have some next level thinking to it. Totally worth checking out for the gear head.


  • OLED screen on the mouse
  • Vibrates
  • Swappable Parts
  • Real-Time Stats


  • Expensive

SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Simple Gaming Mouse

If you feel like Steelseries is the brand for you, but the Rival 700 was a litle over kill for your needs. When this is the mouse for you! Sensei 310 is actually quite similar to there big rival collection. Minus all the extra fancy features like screens and shakes. Here you are looking at a solid mouse from a long history in the gaming scene. Before it got the name 310, the Sensei looked quite differently, now it has many similarities with the Rival in terms of design and colors.

It has silicone side grips for extra comfort and easy to man-over in stressful situations. Sensei has a lower profile than Rival, which is quite high in height. The sensor has just as good tracking as the rest of mices in this list. Perfect for those who wants a great gaming mouse, yet not to flashy or over the edge.

Goes up to all the way to 12 000 DPI and offers a shape that will deliver maximum comfort and flexibility for your needs. However, still quite expensive for its basic features. Logitech G Pro is quite similar but with a smaller profile, and also has a lower price. We gave this veteran of a gaming mouse a high placement, because of It’s excellent and high-quality construction, with a quite nice pattern on the scroll wheel we haven’t seen before.


  • Low profile for those who prefers that
  • Stable and will cover large hands
  • RGB lightning


  • The mouse can be to wide for some users
Best FPS Gaming Mice

FPS Gaming Mouse – Buyer’s Guide

For a gamer, a gaming mouse holds great importance. Yeah, you heard it right. If you are a gamer yourself, you probably know the value it. Gaming mice have got superior features compared to regular mice, because of the advancement of technology.

Nowadays, many people buy gaming mice so that they can play FPS (first person shooting) games with more precision and improved accuracy.

For this reason, they need to choose a perfect gaming mouse that is capable of providing an excellent aiming certainty and exactness at the same time, so that they are one step ahead of their opponents.

We have decided to write this complete buying guide for you, so that you can learn the main things and factors before choosing an fps mouse for playing shooting games smoothly. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the main topics.

Things you should consider when buying a new mouse

First thing is to understand what all the terms actually means. For example a mouse having thousands of DPI not necessary mean that its good. As we mentioned earlier, most professional players do not really go above 2000. Here’s some good to know terms before you having a look at a mice.

  • DPI: Means dots per inch and is a commonly used to measure the mouse sensitivity. By changing your DPI settings you can adjust how fast your pointer will move. Having high DPI will make it move faster, and lower is going to make it slower. Pretty straight forward!
  • Mouse buttons: When you think about your regular mouse, you probably think about left and right mouse button. Thats two buttons, but how can these mouses have much more than that? Today it’s common that a gaming mouse have buttons for your thumb, or other easy to reach places. The scroll is actually often considered as a button as well, if you click the wheel it works as a button.
  • Polling rate: Are the time it takes for the mouse to communicate with your computer. How often the mouse updates its location on the screen. The polling rate is measured in Hz and the intervals in milliseconds. If a mouse has 1000 i polling rate the update of its location will then be once every millisecond.
  • Sensor: A mice usually consist of two sensors; one optical and one laser. A optical sensor i definitely preferred for FPS games as there is less room for errors in accuracy, and as a gamer you simply don’t want bad precision. However, a laser sensor isn’t bad and is better at uses on different surfaces. If you use a stationary computer, you probably will have a mouse pad that is designed to work well with a optical sensor. But if you are constantly switching places and use the surface as your tracking source. Then laser will work better as it can be used on many different surfaces.
  • Acceleration: Acceleration of a gaming mouse can be defined as the ratio of the speed of the pointer to the speed of your hand movement. It represents the acceleration of a gaming mouse. While a mouse with good acceleration is a need of every low-sensitivity gamer as they play games which involves a lot of hand movement and thus a mouse with good speed can tackle those movements efficiently.
  • Lift Off Distance: Lift off distance is another important concept that you must be aware of in choosing a better gaming mouse. Lift off distance is how high a mouse can respond when it is lifted up in the air. It may sound awkward to average computer users, but for gamers, it holds great importance as they may need a good lift off distance while they are more into intense gaming. For example; most competitive FPS players use low sensitivity, and because of that, they have to eventually lift their mouse because the mouse pad will come to an end. While the mouse travels in the air to its original position, you don’t want the sensor to track any movements as they can be unpredictable, until it touches the surface again.
  • Size: To archive a comfortable mouse you could have a look a the size. Often it arent more described as a full-sized or small-sized mouse, and gaming mice are pretty much always the first. The small-sized versions are usually meant to be a travel accessory, and nothing the typical gamer would care about as they are stationary.

Mouse Grip Styles

There is actually different mouse grips that you use when using a mouse, next time you use a mouse try to find out what style you use. This can be a major deal breaker when choosing a mouse. Ideally you want something that fits your personal grip style. The styles is often categorized in tree different styles which are;

  • Palm Grip: The most popular grip type, mainly because its the most natural and relaxed way of using a mouse. Your entire hand is touching the mouse.
  • Claw Grip: A slightly modified version of the palm grip. Your fingers for left & right mouse button is arched almost like a claw. You have less contact with the mouse but a more responsive angle for your fingers to click.
  • Fingertip Grip: This is where your handle your mouse only with your finger and thumb. The rest of hand is hovering in the air. This is commonly used in fast paced games and not ideal for precise movements.


So, after a long buying guide, we are now sure that you would have gained enough knowledge about the FPS gaming mouse. One thing to remember here is, if you are thinking that a gaming mouse will take your shooting skills to a new extreme level, you might be wrong.

It is true that a gaming mouse comes with many features and will help you a lot in making fps games more manageable for you, but you have to develop the skills for yourself if you want to be a professional gamer.

Hopefully, this list will help you gaining the knowledge to acquire a new gaming mice. Keep in mind that buying a new mouse will probably not improve your skills over night. Having a favorite mouse can actually help you in the long run as you get comfortable and knowing how it behaves over time.

Just as muscle memory can help your aim, can gear you are used to improve your playing style with out much effort. With so many options to choose from today it can be quite a challenge to find the perfect mouse for you. However, if you are serious about gaming you pretty much has to invest some in your setup.

We wish you good luck in choosing a FPS gaming mouse.

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