Best Gaming Monitor for Fortnite & FPS Games. July 2019 Review

There are many components to good gaming gear, but everything really comes together in one single output.

The monitor.

The one who gives you feedback for every keypress on your keyboard, or movement with your mouse. 

That’s why we put together this guide of the best monitor for Fortnite in different categories. Where 144hz are for the more competitive gamers, while widescreen monitors might be for the one who wants the ultimate gaming experience.

best gaming monitor for fortnite

If you are a gamer, you know that the tech you play on can have a significant difference both in your user experience as a whole, and even in how you can fare against the competition when it comes to games like Fortnite.

But for as important as the monitor obviously is, there can still be a big challenge in finding the right one. After all, there are quite a few options out there, and their quality levels can vary pretty tremendously. With that in mind, today the goal is to demystify the process of buying a gaming monitor by looking on some great options out there.

Best Overall

  • 240hz Refresh Rate
  • 24” Display Size
  • Built-in Black Equalizer


  • 144hz Refresh Rate
  • 24” Display Size
  • FreeSync Technology

Budget Pick

  • 75hz Refresh Rate
  • 24” Display Size
  • ASUS Eye Care technology

Our procedure for choosing a gaming monitor is easy. We have picked screens by their performance, refresh rate, durability, price, and user ratings so that you won’t have to search the whole internet of a reliable monitor that you can count on.

Best Monitor for Fortnite 2018

MonitorSizeResolutionVRRRefresh Rate
BenQ XL2546 (Winner Gaming Monitor)24”1920×1080DyAc240hzCheck Price
ViewSonic XG240224”1920×1080FreeSync144HzCheck Price
BenQ XL243024”1920×1080None144HzCheck Price
ASUS VG245H (Budget Pick)24”1920×1080FreeSync75HzCheck Price
Acer Predator34″3440×1440G-SYNC60 – 100HzCheck Price
LG 27UD58-B27”3840×2160FreeSync60hzCheck Price
Acer G257HU25″2560×1440FreeSync60hzCheck Price

Let’s have a look on what’s out there:

BenQ XL2546 – 240hz E-sports Gaming Monitor

First up, the incredible e-sports gaming monitor XL2546 from BenQ. With an incredible 240Hz refresh rate will it be hard to find a better monitor for the competitive gamer. Say hello to the smoothes gameplay you could imagine. However, make sure your gaming computer’s graphics card is able to deliver this high framerates, to use this monitor to the fullest potential. Otherwise would a 144hz monitor more suitable for you.

Either way, this monitor is extremely impressive with its features. It comes with a unique built-in black equalizer technology, ideal for FPS games. Many professional players prefer BenQ’s monitors only for this reason. The black equalizer feature brightens dark areas in the game, and don’t over-exposing the bright areas. Resulting in making it easier to spot enemies in dark environments in-game.

It comes with shields on either side of the monitor, that is tiltable to be in use or not. These shields will help you block out distractions and focus on the game 100%, also blocking out light reflections on the screen.

The gaming monitor has height adjustable stand so you can set it for the ideal height for your setup, keeping an ergonomic position.

It also has an external controller, called the S Switch, where you can switch between saved settings without having to press on buttons on the monitor. Ideal if you have different settings for different games, and want to change without much hassle.

There is also two versions of this monitor available, one with a DyAc feature and one whit out. The DyAc feature is essential a blur-reduction tool that will give you even sharpen images in a high passed game. As it already has 240hz refresh rate, this feature is only the ‘cherry on the cake’ and is not a deal breaker in our eyes if you happen to go for the cheaper version.


  • 240hz Refresh Rate
  • Black equalizer technology
  • Distractions shields
  • Ergonomic Adjustability
  • Control for switching settings


  • A little pricey
  • 1080p

ViewSonic XG2402 – Best 144Hz Monitor

Next up, the ViewSonic XG2402, an option that has found itself on the top of our list and earned the distinction of being the top choice for 144Hz that we examined for the purposes of this guide.

So, what are we dealing with here? Well, for one thing, the ViewSonic boasts a quality HD picture—a feature with a level of importance that of course cannot be overstated for the purposes of the discerning gamer.

The monitor boasts an ultra-fast 1ms response time and amazing 144Hz refresh rate that will ensure that you don’t lose the edge because of screen lag. Fortnite players, or fans of other online games, need no explanation as to why this is an important feature.

It also just runs very smoothly. Through the FreeSync technology, the unit benefits from a smooth frame rate that is optimized for ensuring a seamless and immersive gameplay.

Screen size is another thing that you will notice. While this is not the largest screen that we will be examining today, you are getting twenty-seven inches of real-estate for your gaming here. It’s certainly going to be enough to enjoy the graphics and world building of your video games.

And let’s not discount the value of comfort. While one might not think of ergonomics as a factor or gaming monitors, the ViewSonic works to prove that it certainly should be. The screen height is optimized to be highly adjustable so that you can keep it at a level that is comfortable for you even during marathon gameplaying.
And of course, it is also fairly versatile in what it can be used with, capable of syncing up with desktops, laptops, Macs, and PCs.

Finally, there just aren’t very many major cons to worry about with this option. One thing users might be a little bit troubled by are the monitor control buttons, which are admittedly of a slightly dated design.

Is this a critical error? No, and it certainly isn’t going to be a make or break consideration for most buyers. It’s also not the most affordable option on our list today, though there are certainly similar options out there that are much more expensive.

All in all, the ViewSonic provides buyers a very noteworthy combination of value and quality.


  • Also Available in 27-inch Screen
  • HD Picture
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Ergonomic Adjustability


  • A little pricey
  • Controls could be more user friendly

BenQ XL2430

This gaming monitor is also from BenQ, the XL2411P. Compared to the XL2546 it’s quite a lot cheaper, but it has 144hz instead of 240hz. Which can be quite hard to notice any difference either way at a first glance. However, if you are going from 60hz to 144hz, the difference is night and day.

If you don’t have a beast gaming PC and is not ultra serious about competitive gaming, this model is very suitable for you. It’s quite cheap for having such high framerates, which is perfect for gaming. Out of the box, the colors can be quite flat, but that is easily fixed with minor adjustments on the monitor itself. Also, it has not aS Switch controller like the other BenQ XL2546.

It has an impressive 1ms response time, and the black equalizer feature helping you to spot hidden enemies easier in dark areas in games. The unique Zeroflicker technology helps reduce eye strain, lettings you play for long sessions without tiring your eyes.

It can be connected with the usual DVI-DL connection, but also HDMI or Display Port. In short; an amazing monitor, perfect as a first purchase gaming monitor that most definitely will get you hooked in to build a complete gaming rig.


  • Affordable
  • 144Hz refresh rate
  • Ergonomic Adjustability
  • Boosted Visibility In-game


  • Flat colors out of the box
  • 1080p

ASUS VG245H – Best Budget Gaming Monitor

Here we have an option that fits into the budget buy category. As you probably already know, finding a good gaming monitor for under two hundred dollars is somewhat challenging, so the distinction of “best gaming monitor under $200” is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

So yeah, the first thing that you are probably going to notice about this option is its price, but that certainly is not all that it has going for it.

Like the last option that we looked at, this screen has a solid refresh time of 1ms response time that is optimized for reducing the risk of unpleasant and very stifling lag.

It also features a fairly decent screen size of twenty-four inches, which, while not as large as we like to see (twenty seven inches and up is something of a gold standard) it is enough room to enjoy watching your gameplay out.

Also, like the last option that we took a look at the screen is designed with ergonomics in mind. In addition to being able to be adjusted for height, it also features a swivel base that will allow you to  comfortably adjust the way you view your monitor.

The monitor is also designed to give you a pleasant, and ultimately comfortable playing experience, featuring ASUS Eye Care technology with flicker-free and blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue. As a gamer, you can probably immensely appreciate a machine that is designed to minimize eye discomfort over longer play sessions.

In terms of cons, there are a few issues that kept the option out of the number one slot. For one thing, you are probably going to need to play around with the settings for awhile before you get the picture looking the way that you want it to.

This is a relatively common issue with new monitors, but it is also very frustrating and tedious.

The monitor also has limited viewing angles which means that you are going to need to be sitting directly in front of it to have a clear picture.

These things aside, this will serve as an excellent option for the budget buyer.


  • Very Affordable
  • Decent Screen Size
  • Ergonomic Adjustability


  • Limited view angles
  • Will require some initial adjustments

Acer Predator 34-inch Curved – Curved Gaming Monitor

In the third, we have an option that represents something of a departure from the last couple of options that we looked at. The first major difference is something that you are going to notice almost immediately. The curved screen that is used on this monitor is a relatively new technological trend that is designed to optimize your viewing experience.

The curved design puts a premium on immersion. This style ensures that every pixel of the screen is used to its fullest potential to provide a picture that features no blind spots.

Cool, right? Well, it might sound a little bit less cool when we look at the second thing that makes this option different from the other two screens: price.

While we won’t list a specific price here (cost changes too often to responsibly do so) it is very fair to say that this option is significantly more expensive than the last two options that we have looked at.

Are the features worth the price?

Well, let’s see. In addition to benefitting from a massive, curved screen, this option also benefits from sophisticated tech in general. The Acer benefits from NVIDIA G-SYNC technology that is able to synchronize with the refresh rate of the monitor with GPU to eliminate the risk of screen tear as well as display stutter.

As a result, you experience gameplay and scenes that appear instantly to ensure that there is no disruption to your experience.

It also features really solid built-in speakers, which is a rare feature that most screens simply are not able to boast. The benefit of this is of course obvious: the better the sound quality, the more immersive your experience with your games will be.

The bottom line is that it is a really great monitor. The only major con is the price, which for most shoppers is a hurdle that probably won’t be surmountable. Still, if you have the money this is definitely something to think about.


  • Immersive, Curved Screen
  • Premium Speakers
  • Synchronizes Refresh rate to Eliminate Screen Tear


  • Price will eliminate as shopping option for most buyers.

LG 27UD58-B – 4k Monitor for Gaming

Rounding out the fourth slot we have another interesting twist on the gaming monitor: the LG 4K, which provides gamers with the latest tech in terms of viewing experience.

The biggest selling point for this option is the picture clarity. The LG provides crystal clear picture by way of 8.3 million pixels that ensure that you are going to be able to enjoy quality images regardless of your distance from the screen.

The display is four times clearer than that of full HD, which means that you can be positive you are enjoying the cutting-edge graphics of your video games the way that they were meant to be enjoyed.

It also features FreeSync technology that ensures players enjoy a seamless, hi-res, tear and stutter free playing experience for a more immersive enjoyment of all of your games.

The LG also features a simple but nevertheless innovative onscreen control system allows you to adjust your settings through a convenient menu situated on the display itself.

Less techy gamers will love the presets that this screen comes with. The three versions of “game mode,” ensure that you can select optimal display conditions with a single push of a button.

One thing that gamers will probably notice is that the default of this screen is to feature warm colors that do not necessarily promote a pleasant viewing experience. This can always be adjusted, but again, this can be a tedious and unpleasant chore.

Other than this con it is a really good, relatively affordable option for anyone who is hoping to get their hands on a quality 4K monitor.


  • 4K Display
  • Game Modes
  • FreeSync Feature


  • Subpar default colors

Acer G257HU – 1440p Gaming Monitor

Last but not least we have the Acer. While this option is a little bit more basic than the last couple of monitors that we looked at, there is still plenty to like here.

For one thing, the build of the option itself is ultra slim while still boasting a satisfying 25-inch screen, making the monitor sizable in all the right ways.

It also features HDMI and DVI jacks that will allow you to enhance the display of your smartphone or tablet. While not exclusively a gaming feature, this is nevertheless still a component that most shoppers are likely to have fun with.

And of course, it also features a 2560 x 1440 resolution full HD monitor that will make your gaming experience immersive and pleasant.

The bottom line is that it is a good monitor. Its biggest problems lie simply in the fact that it isn’t quite as high end as some of the other options on the list. The color quality isn’t quite as crisp as some of the other options we have seen, and the viewing angles are going to be fairly limited as well.

On the other hand, this is a fairly affordable option, so if you are trying to find a good deal this may be a good place to look.


  • Twenty Five Inch Screen
  • Full HD Resolution
  • Affordable Price
  • Compatible With Most Phones and Tablets


  • Colors could be better defined
  • Viewing angles limited

Why getting a good gaming monitor?

But first, what even is the importance of getting a good gaming monitor? Obviously very serious shoppers already know the answer to this question and can skip ahead if they don’t feel the need for any convincing.

Still, for the customer that isn’t so sure that they need a good gaming monitor, here are some things to consider.

So, for one thing, you just need to think about the games that are getting made these days. The tech that renders the graphics is pretty incredible, but it just isn’t reaching its full potential when projected onto monitors that aren’t up to snuff.

As mentioned in the introduction there is also the matter of competitiveness to consider.

As players of Fortnite already know beyond any measure of doubt, there are a number of variables that contribute to your win to lose ratio, and unfortunately, there are just some factors that have nothing to do with your skills as a player.

Will clearer picture automatically transform you into the gamer that you have always dreamed of being? Of course not, but every bit does help, and anyway, you can use the desire to stay competitive to justify making this purchase.

Things you should consider when buying a new Gaming Monitor

Now that you know what is out there, here are some buying considerations that will serve to help make the shopping process a little bit easier for you.


Generally speaking, and of course, assuming that you have the space for it, the bigger your monitor, the better the experience you will ultimately have.

Bigger monitors simply provide more room for the grand power of modern gaming graphics to really do their thing. If you can rock a twenty seven inch monitor on your desk, you are definitely going to appreciate all the extra real estate that your games will have the opportunity to thrive on.


You don’t often think of adjustability as a factor for buying the ideal game monitor, and indeed it probably won’t be a make or break consideration, but there is some value to it.

A swivel base or even the ability to adjust the height of your monitor at will are both features that can serve to enhance your user experience.


Not all monitors are going to be able to run on 4k. In fact, this is generally the mark of more expensive, higher end options which means that shoppers on a strict budget may just not be able to get one. In the case of the budget shopper, standard HD is still going to look good and perform great.

Still, there is something to be said about getting 4k if you have it in your budget. Why? Well besides the fact that it is going to look good, 4k is also just the direction that screen technology is going. The difference between HD and 4k is a little like the difference between blue-ray and DVD. While either option is entirely valid and functional, one just benefits from being more current in the world of technological trends.

Basically, the short of it is this: if you can get a 4K monitor we recommend it.


Obviously, the chief concern with this product is performance but we all know that there is also a coolness factor that goes into every gaming computer.

You want it to look good. You want people to be a little jealous when they see your gaming computer. And of course, you just want it to be visually appealing since after all, you will be looking at it quite a bit yourself.

The good news is that manufacturers seem to be aware of the desired coolness factor for gaming computers and they design accordingly. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding something that looks good and performs well.


You will also need to make sure that the input connectors match the output connectors on your computer. This is a relatively basic consideration but also critical to ensuring a smooth installation process. Ensuring the monitor is compatible is as simple as consulting the specifications of your computer with that of the new screen.

Of course, the size of the panel is not the only concern. Just as important as size, you will also need to worry about the resolution of your panel.

Resolution is really what determines how clear the picture on your screen will be. A high end resolution rate on a twenty seven inch screen will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels.

The higher the pixel count the better the resolution, but unfortunately when it comes to gaming tech there are always multiple factors to consider. Even the best monitor is going to be useless without a really good graphics card.

If you are looking for the clearest image possible, look for something with the highest resolution that the rest of your gear is able to accommodate. You won’t be sorry that you did.


There is always going to be the matter of your budget to consider. Price is a factor with any purchase, but it is particularly subject to variation in the world of gaming technology.

As you went through our list, you probably noticed a few things. One, that this is not going to be as affordable a purchase as you would probably want it to be. Gaming monitors are known to be fairly pricey, even when you are looking for a budget buy.

You probably also noticed that there is a wide range of prices out there. You don’t have to spend a fortune. While you may have to compromise a little it in terms of resolution and screen size, you may still be able to get a good monitor at an affordable price.

best gaming monitor


What Kind of Gamer are You?:

Last but not least, what kind of gamer are you, really? This last consideration is simple because there is no concrete answer. Certainly, there is no right or wrong answer. It’s also something that we can’t answer for you.

The fact of the matter is that there is a very wide range of game enthusiasts, and if they play on the PC they are all in the market for a monitor.

Naturally, pro gamers, or just extreme hobbyists are going to want to some better hardware than just the average every day player.

The shopping experience should not be about finding the best monitor, but about finding the best monitor for you. If you got nothing else from our buying considerations section, it should be that the monitor is an extension of both your system as a whole, and yourself as a gamer.

The same way that you don’t want a screen that is more advanced than your graphics card, you also don’t want a screen that is more than you as a gamer need.

What do we mean by that? If you’re a casual gamer, don’t buy something fit for a pro, and if you do take your playtime extremely seriously, use the steps and recommendations that we have illustrated today to find the best product your budget will allow for.


And that is that! Five of the best gaming monitors on the market that will both keep you competitive for online play, and simply serve to enhance your experience for solo adventures.

Buying a gaming monitor should be a fun and exciting experience. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by all the complicated tech talk, by the myriad of difficult to decipher features, or by the big variations in price that you encounter throughout the market.

Instead, let our selections, and our list of important buying considerations help you to get the gaming monitor of your dreams.

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