Best Fortnite Players in 2020

Fortnite’s competitive scene is busier than ever in 2020, with regular cash cups and ongoing tournaments for each season. Every year, players shift around in the results of games. Some players have really big years, only to drop out of the higher placements in tournaments. The best Fortnite players in 2020 aren’t necessarily the same as those in 2019. Keeping track of which are the top players can be difficult, as pros have to react to the game’s changes much faster than most players.

The top players at the moment are the ones you should be watching to improve. In every competitive game, from fighters through to real-time strategy, watching pro players is a great way to pick up on advanced strategy. Watching how fast they move, and the snap decisions that let them get so much further in a game shows you how to improve. These are some picks for the best Fortnite players coming up in 2020. Things like this are subjective, so most will have different opinions. However, based on their recent tournament performances, these are the people to watch (in no particular order):

The Best Fortnite Players in 2020

Best Fortnite Players in 2020

1. Bugha

Bugha is probably one of the best known Fortnite pros at the moment. Coming out on top of the Fortnite World Cup was a pretty big achievement for the young player. His recent performances haven’t gone quite as well You can put part of this down to the increased attention on the player impacting training. A good example of this was his swatting mid-stream, that was only calmed down by the responders recognising the player. He is still a contender for the best Fortnite players in 2020, but he’ll have to work hard to keep his current status.

2. Fray

Fortnite is a game that allows quite a lot of approaches to strategy. Fray is a player who goes for deliberate and well-thought plays. Sometimes, this comes up short against those with better skills at winging it and reacting to changes. However, he has been playing pretty consistently in tournaments recently and looks set to climb up the rankings soon.

3. Diggy and Marz

Diggy and Marz are a Duo who are really hard to separate from each other. They performed fantastically at the Winterfest Royale, which is a good indicator on how they’re going to be playing this year. The best Fortnite players of 2020 are going to have to cope with the slower pace the game has settled into with Chapter 2, this Duo seems primed to do so. Diggy and Marz look set to continue their success in the new year.

4. NRG Benjyfishy

best fortnite players in 2020

Benjyfishy is a pretty big player already, despite his young age. He’s been placing pretty consistently for a while. However, what makes 2020 different is his trajectory has been so steady. He’s been gradually improving and climbing up the ranks. If this continues, he should start to make a real impact in 2020. While he may remain at his current mid-tier level, he could finally break into the top-tier and become one of the best Fortnite players in 2020.

5. Maken1x

Maken came in at a high place in both the recent FNCS finals and the Winter Royale if this isn’t an indication that he’s gonna have a good year than little else is. He’s rising to become one of the best Fortnite players around at the moment, but to do so he’s gonna have to keep up the momentum. He could become of the best Fortnite players in 2020 if he keeps it up.

6. Wakie

Wakie is kind of a lesser-known Fortnite player. He’s Swedish and hasn’t been making the headlines as much as the bigger players. However, you don’t have to be as noisy as Tfue to be a fantastic player. Wakie has been placing highly in pretty much every tournament he’s entered in the last year, this is a great sign of a rising star, even if he seemed to have choked at the Fortnite World Cup.

7. Aqua

best fortnite players in 2020

Aqua definitely isn’t a household name yet. However, the players that are yet to make a big impact on the content creator scene are often the ones who are quietly honing their craft. He’s been coming in high in pretty much every European tournament over the last year, including winning the World Cup Duos. With all this backing him up, he’s definitely one of the best 2020 Fortnite players.

8. Clix

Clix is yet to pull off a really big win, one that would cement him in fans minds. However, he has achieved a lot so far with a really good track record in 2019. He is also only 16, so like Benjyfishy his youth makes him a great contender for the next few years as the initial wave of big Fortnite players begin to age. 2020 looks to be a year where we’ll hear a lot more from Clix, although it isn’t certain that he’ll start taking home great placements just yet.

9. Tfue

best fortnite players in 2020

Tfue is one of the best known Fortnite players around. He keeps up this reputation by being a big presence in the scene. Tfue has a hot take for just about every update that happens. He even once inspired many players to sport the default skin for a while. (This was originally in protest at his first account which had some of the rarest Fortnite skins getting banned.) However, his competitive placements have dropped. If he is to remain one of the best Fortnite players in 2020, Tfue will need to go back to basics.

10. Mongraal

best fortnite players in 2020

Mongraal isn’t the most senior player on this list, but he is definitely one of the best Fortnite players in 2020. He’s already made quite the name for himself, and put in a lot of great tournament showings in 2019. If this continues through the year, he has a real chance of pushing into those top spots.

The question of who is the best Fortnite player in 2020 is ultimately subjective. Until a major event like the World Cup puts the best against the best again, we have to make do with comparing results and tournaments. While popular streamers like Ninja usually make these sorts of lists, they’re more often focused on making entertaining content than being the best at the game. While the two things often crossover and competitive players are expected to stream, it doesn’t mean they come out on top of competitive events despite being talented. These are all great players that are likely to do big things in 2020. Let us know below who you think are the best Fortnite players in 2020.

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