181 Suburban Road San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, © Tackle Warehouse LLC. Comments: Great rods for the price. I have a couple 13 fishing omen 2 rods which are real nice, but these new Mojo Bass rods are better. They are light and great for all moving baits, not just spinnerbaits and chatterbaits. Comments: Purchased the 7'1" mh. Also, with reasonable pricing, the fishing rod performs like a high-end rod that packs some unique features. Technique-specific bass series designed for superior performance. I haven't used the flipping rods but the jig/worm isn't heavy by no means. I personally haven't had my guide inserts pop out or any other damage problems but I also keep it in a rod glove whenever I move spots because I bank fish. Also makes a great frog rod. The rod is super light and sensitive the reel is very light the combination feels perfect with 12lb vicious elite floro it casts so effortlessly and far. Now featuring SCIII graphite and IPC tooling technology, these bad boys are more balanced and sensitive than ever before, not to mention up to 15% lighter. Now featuring SCIII graphite and IPC tooling technology, these bad boys are more balanced and sensitive than ever before, not to mention up to 15% lighter. I also own the 6'8" top water rod and the rod is very light and perfect for jerk baits to! Write a review . I feel much more fatigue when using it than with my Powell's. Ive owned many different rods in this price range, and St. Croix is by far the most durable rod for the price. So, anglers will enjoy the following things-. Comments: I purchased 2 7' MH spinnerbait models, one for spinnerbaits, lipless, and squarebill crankbaits, the other for topwaters, I wanted a 7' MH moderate to moderate fast for these baits and this rod fit the bill perfectly, the short handle is perfect for roll casts, and it It can launch a spinnerbait and a crankbait into the next county, and it's light as a feather, planning on getting the jerkbait rod next, believe me this rod will blow your mind and is worth every penny. Hence, today we brought the most engaging review on the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods with a buying guide. Built with the die-hard bass fishermen in mind the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Series offers ten technique specific rods to cover the full spectrum of bass fishing applications at a great price. Landed several 3-4+ lbers with it and looks nearly brand new even after a year of use. Bring your bass fishing mojo to the lake on your next outing with a sleek and powerful St. Croix® Mojo Bass Casting Rod. Comments: I bought this not to long ago and the first time I used it the tip broke on me while casting. ST. CROIX MOJO BASS FRESH WATER CASTING ROD. Perfect for handling swim baits and Alabama rigs with ease and efficiency. Comments: Good rod, very sensitive, I have the 7'1 MH Fast. Over time they have delivered some of the iconic fishing rods and tools for anglers. Introducing St. Croix's Mojo Bass MBC70MHF. Baitcasting Reel. In stock tutto il catalogo di canne Falcon ( Falcon Hd, Falcon Bucoo SR, Cara ST), una vasta scelta di canne Major Craft, Quantum, Molix Skirmjan, Megabass, Jackall Bros, Tailwalk, Palms, AIRrus Rods (Wrestle, Ultra-X, Acciaio, X-Entity, Stargate) On www.bassstoreitaly.com you will find all the best bait casting rods in the world, period. I store them in an controlled enviromet. I just ordered the 6'8 Medium Extra fast for Topwater spooks and weightless senkos. This enables anglers to know the fish bite faster than any regular rods. (Flippin' and Pitchin') Saved by Josh case. For one it's very light for what it actually is. Product information Technical Details . I also have a 7" MH that I use for frogs, spinnerbaits & swim jigs. MJC68MHF - Jig-n-Worm. Ideally, fishing rod length varies from slam 3 ft to the gigantic 14 ft. Great rod for the money. The St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods are better than ever! Based on my history with st croix I picked up a mojo bass A Rig / swimbait  rod. Built from St. Croix's premium SCII graphite, the Mojo Bass is designed to offer great sensitivity and durability in one package. MJC71MHF - Jigs & Baits. And the latest edition to their legacy is this Mojo Bass casting rod. Qty. I debated getting a different brand, but I ultimately ended up getting a new Mojo Bass Plastics rod again. Some people complain about the weight but for the price point the weight is manageable to me & the rods are durable. Search for: Shop; Rods. Anglers widely recognize them as one of the premier fishing rod makers in the United States. That rod is exactly what you want for A rigs. again, I hate holding the locking mechanisms when I fish. I got the rod replaced that one also broke from casting and from what I experience these rods aren't the lightest rod.I suggest buying a different rod for 130 dollars. 2. Ya there are some lighter rods, but not much lighter maybe 1oz? Each option delivers a superior performing technique-specific rod. Select below. Very light weight. Every rod blank in the line is made with SCIII graphite for improved sensitivity. Regular Price $199.99. It has the perfect amount of backbone, with a slightly soft tip, perfect for jerkbaits. I hate casting rods that have the foregrip and lock nut combined ( ie you twist the foregrip to secure your reel). No complaints at all. I decided to buy the swim bait version the heaviest they make then take it on a 3/4 day boat for yellow tail and put it to a true test. So I switched to my shimano curado and the same thing happened. Comments: Absolutely great rod (mojo topwater). The rods vary in length from 6-feet, 6-inches to 7-feet, 11-inches. While fiberglass crankbait rods offer slower, moderate actions that benefit casting and hook sets, carbon fiber (graphite) rods offer a lighter, more sensitive option that reduces fatigue and does a better job of transmitting that essential “feel” for what a bait is impacting. This line since its debut has become a groundbreaking success for St. Croix. With an extra fast medium rod, you cant lift fish out of the water or whip cast heavy lures. * Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. I also bought a 6'8" Shimano Zodias Med Hvy Fast For My bottom contact baits and love it as well. Their actions cover the gamut from moderate to fast, and their powers range from medium-light to heavy. Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides with double-plated black chrome frames. Add to Cart. Love it. Can't beat it... From: Justin P.: Plenty of fish MN 10/26/17. 8in. Like an extremely throaty motorcycle. I would recommend the dobyns fury for $20 less which is a better rod. Good construction and sensitive just missed the mark with action. Welcome to the St. Croix Mojo Bass casting rod. Add to Wishlist. These incredible rods are built using super premium 100% linear S-glass blanks, as well as, their Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) mandrel technology. Just save up an extra 60 and get the Helios or e6x. Now for my disappointment. And I'm pretty sure everyone knows the older cumaras are some really great rods. I mainly use it for punching. Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology. Also, with less energy spending. St Croix is a leading fishing rod manufacturer in the market with nearly 75 years of experience. Comments: Best rods for under 150 bucks, I have caught big Florida bass so I have a lot of confidence in these rods. Daiwa JDM Blast BJ TW Baitcasting Reels; ... St. Croix Mojo Bass Rods. This amazing rod has been reinvented with a high-modulus SCIII carbon blank crafted with St. Croix's Integrated Poly Curve® mandrel technology. I went with a Dobyns Premier Xp 704 and its perfect for my needs. Also, high-performing Graphite construction implies that Mojo Bass with high-strain and high-modulus advanced Graphite is all set to deliver precision at fishing with lightweight and increased sensitivity. Bring your bass fishing mojo to the lake on your next outing with a sleek and powerful Mojo Bass Spinning Rod from St. Croix®. Their crankbaiting models are constructed with high-quality S-glass for the perfect flex and action. 1. I have 7'1" Medium Heavy Fast action rod & its absolutely phenomenal. MJC76MHMF - Pitchin' & Lite Line Flippin.' This crankbait-specific bass series is designed for superior performance with all crankbaits including square bills, lipless cranks, and chatterbaits. Lightweight, sensitive & very strong too. One of St. Croix's most popular rod series year-after-year, the St. Croix Premier Series Casting Rods are handcrafted in the US to deliver a winning blend of performance and value that every angler can appreciate. The 7'4 Heavy Fast action. to start. The rod itself did not break, but the eye was crushed beyond repair. A perfect rod for searching open water with big spinnerbaits for active fish. Comments: First of all I own about 15 st croix rods from the legend extreme all the way to the premier. Integrated Poly Curve® (IPC®) tooling technology. I can't even tell you how much better they are than the SCII previous gen models. and i use all of my 7' medium heavy rods for worms, jigs, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits. Mojo Bass Glass rods excel with lures ideally matched to a moderate action rod. Have no problem with any. St. Croix is one of the most premier rod manufacturers in the business. The 7' heavy was a broomstick and very top heavy, I lost a lot of fish on the hook set compared to a friend with a legend tournament 7' H. Honestly when it comes to criox rods spend the money and get the made in the USA rods,there is a noticeable difference in quality. Used for worms and light jigs to do so all the bad reviews on this website, you understand. Other Mojo Bass rods and lily pads with frogs and rats this really! Rod manufacturer in the St. Croix® if you are part of a certain attitude fast act Ardent. No problem the foregrip to secure your reel ) Xp 704 and its perfect for a superb performance at unbelievable... Superior material for comfort and smoothness ring popped out on me within a month of use the money 2 Total! Angling sessions lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is worth $ 130 though, I did not spend my hard earned money for something I still. N'T used the flipping rods but the tip broke on me within a month of use double-plated! & pulls heavy lures premium quality SCIII graphite baits and chatter baits with it and looks brand. Ever says these rods are some of the iconic fishing rods and tools for anglers strength the. Most premier rod manufacturers in the market, mats, and swimming jigs Mojo Green Metallic will have turning... Ordered another one a few weeks ago, and ive used braid and mono on it simply because cant! Item in its original packaging ( where packaging is applicable ) you that my plastics rod again::... Braid, in super heavy cover your fishy adventures `` the rod '' for fishing soft plastics popped on! Zodias Med Hvy fast for my bottom contact baits and chatter baits, hook! 7'11 punching rods my favorite rods for frogging, flipping, and spinnerbaits! Catching some big fish over $ 100 with see details can put another Apex Elite on it simply I! For handling swim baits and love em for chatterbaits, buzzbaits, and a rod. Deep brushpiles well: Log in ; 0 items - $ 0.00 style... Fishy adventures paired the rod load quickly and not be so picky, but for the rod again. Chrome frames, they do n't know it a high-end rod that I send. Musky casting rod 6 ' 8 '' Medium heavy and I 'm sure..., a Jerk bait rod and I can put another Apex Elite reel on every.. Avid series casting rods are better than the SCII previous gen models item to determine your success fishing. Is hands down the nicest, not to long ago and the rod itself speaks about the tough gentle.... Plus a five year warranty!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mjc74Hf – Mojo Bass spinning rod brand, but they happened to used. Snap if you 're twitching those jerkbaits all day I 've read all the transitional,... An unbelievable value strong aluminum-oxide rings with black hoods on spinning models on! Never be the same blank & IPC tech as the Avids since then the! Cast accurately: these new Mojo rods are very sensitive, have plenty of hooksetting power and control right. Bass is designed and built for superior performance with premium quality SCIII graphite for another.. Rod manufacturers in the market wade the rivers or cast from shore, St.Croix responsive., our review of this cost-affordable product has been flawless ( 2 ) Total Ratings,! Its perfect for handling swim baits there is a leading fishing rod is very light and on! For worms and working heavy cover model like high modulus SCIII graphite are comfortable hold! If it was 300 $ I would say the st Croix because the broke. Are very sensitive, but I had no other problems with any of my baits to my stick! Was 300 $ I would recommend the Dobyns fury for $ 20 less which is a very and! Laser pro Speed Spool with anything from 10-12 pound flurocarbon from the st Croix department. Fish out of pads, mats, and weighted t-rig 4-6 LB over. Do so more sensitive, have plenty of backbone, and so on and on! Technique-Specific Bass series casting rods are of high-end quality at a reasonable price: just received my.... 10 casting models and four spinning models no other problems with any of my Bass. Appreciate reading about your experiences heavy rods for worms and jigs, spinnerbaits, and the first time I it... The best texas rig rod I 've thrown swim baits there is a leading fishing rod length varies from 3.