75 Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks

Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought a lot of new content to the game. Whether you’re a returning player or someone who has been with the game for a while, it is a great time to refresh yourself on the basics. Fortnite got pretty bloated over the Seasons, Chapter 2 has served as a hard reset. These Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks will help you make the most out of this new stripped-back Fortnite. With a limited supply of weapons at your disposal and a relatively sparse map, you’ve got to rely on your skill.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks For Controls and Performance

Fortnite is available on just about every platform. However, you can optimize the way you’re controlling the game on any platform.

  1. The performance of your game matters, you need to make sure it is optimized.
  2. On PC, you need to be running the best Fortnite settings as all pro players do. This helps the game play better.
  3. A better frames per second means more responsive controls, this means more victories in firefights.
  4. Your sensitivity has to suit the way you’re comfortable. However, a big mouse pad and a decent mouse is going to be really helpful.
  5. If you’re on a console, there are a few more things you can do to ensure the highest level of performance.
  6. Controller players aren’t at an instant disadvantage. Many competitive players use controls, but you have to use them right.
  7. Use builder pro and Turbo building. If this is difficult, get some practice in.
  8. Consider using a controller with paddles or adding some to your controller.
  9. Aim Assist has been nerfed. If you’ve not played for a while, aim assist isn’t particularly helpful anymore, you can’t rely on it.
  10. Muscle memory is key for any control method. Practice until your movements are smooth and second nature with the same control method.
  11. Muscle memory is useless without a stable connection. Use wired internet wherever possible.
  12. Creative courses are great for improving your aim, but make sure you have the right sensitivity or you’ll end up having to rewrite all of your memory whenever you change it.
  13. Run specs that your PC can cope with. Frame rate is more important than the game looking nice.
  14. Don’t be afraid to try a different control method.
  15. Play with headphones to hear footsteps.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks for Building

75 Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks

These Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks cover building, one of the most important skills to master.

  1. Building is still vital. Nothing will ever change this, you need to build if you want to win.
  2. The basic move for building in a fight is to take the high ground.
  3. This starts with building a simple ramp and wall for cover.
  4. You can then build more cover around this.
  5. From here, some flats or pyramids to protect your high-ground.
  6. Building out of this gives you a secure spot.
  7. From here, you progress upwards as your enemy builds.
  8. If you stay above them, you keep the better line of sight for firing.
  9. Practice building the basic shapes for taking and keeping the high ground.
  10. Repeating these over and over along with the right keybinds will help you build muscle memory during fights.
  11. Creative modes can help you by giving you a building course. Repeating these builds muscle memory.
  12. At some point, your practice needs to move to live games.
  13. LTMs are great for practicing building in firefight scenarios. Buildings during firefights happen faster than in the Battle Royale mode.
  14. Know when to build and when to finish an enemy off. Building a huge structure will waste materials when you could just hit them with a shotgun blast.
  15. You need to get used to editing your builds.
  16. Practice this in creative mode. There are courses that run you through editing.
  17. Don’t build in a panic. It is good to throw out things to slow down and trap your enemy, but you shouldn’t just build randomly.
  18. Don’t be intimidated by a build fight. Your enemy might just be throwing up random walls.

Tips and Tricks for the Early Game

75 Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks

The early game is probably the most important stage in a game of a Fortnite. These Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks cover everything you need to know to make the most of it.

  1. Big POIs will be crowded.
  2. Smaller spots won’t be, but won’t have as much loot.
  3. There are some spots that have good loot without too much traffic. However, this depends on who is in your game.
  4. Be prepared for a very early firefight.
  5. Grab at least a weapon and some mats as soon as possible.
  6. With this, take out anyone who landed near you before they can get prepared for the game.
  7. Loot your entire opening area. You have plenty of time before the first storm.
  8. Keep mobility in mind. If you’re landing somewhere remote, you might have to move fast.
  9. Bots can get you around the map quickly but leave you unprotected.
  10. If you want to get a boat, learn where the spawns Boats aren’t random.
  11. Make sure you get enough mats. You can’t exactly build without them.
  12. There aren’t many weapons available. A key thing to remember from Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks is to build the right loadout.
  13. You need a Shotgun. No matter what style of play, you need something for close combat.
  14. Healing items are a must. Ensure you’re carrying them.
  15. Get to full shield before heading towards the storm. You can do this with potions.
  16. You can also use the barrels or trucks marked as Chug. These each give you some shield.
  17. Make sure you can reach the storm in time. You don’t want to be trapped running away from it.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks for Mid-Game

75 Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks

The mid-game is Fortnite can be a bit slower than the other sides of a match, but no less eventful. These Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks cover this portion of the game.

  1. Keep Moving. You don’t want to become an easy target.
  2. Don’t move across open areas in a predictable way, this makes you easy to track by enemies.
  3. Try to avoid wide-open spaces.
  4. If you have to out in the open for a while, weave back and forth or jump to make it harder to hit you.
  5. Don’t pogo up and down if this is going to expose you to more enemies.
  6. Only take on fights you can win. In this stage, it is tempting to go after everyone, but be careful about attacking from a bad position.
  7. Ensure you have the advantage before you attack.
  8. High ground gives you the advantage, so does taking them by surprise. Don’t begin shooting at someone you can’t take down.
  9. Fill in any gaps in your loadout before the game reaches its final stages.
  10. Make sure you’ve got the mats to last the rest of the game. The last thing you want is to run out of materials in the final circle.
  11. If you see two players in a firefight, wait for the right moment to jump in and finish them off.
  12. Position yourself to play to your strengths. If you’re better at close combat, head indoors, if you like long-range, find an area to overlook.

Combat Tips and Tricks

75 Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks

These combat tips and tricks will help you make the most out of firefights in Fortnite Chapter 2.

  1. Use the right weapon for the situation.
  2. If you’re in close combat, use a shotgun.
  3. Use a Sniper Rifle at a long-range.
  4. There aren’t many weapons, so you can carry enough for any eventuality.
  5. Running away from a firefight rarely goes well. Once you engage, you’ve got to finish things.
  6. If you’re under pressure or need to reposition, build your way out of things.
  7. Always get the high ground before engaging.

Fortnite Chapter 2 End-Game Tips and Tricks

75 Fortnite Chapter 2 Tips and Tricks

The end-game is probably the tensest period of a game of Fortnite. Your moments away from a victory Royale, but the players among you are the best of the game. These Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks cover the end of the game.

  1. Fishing can be great for getting materials off of eliminated players without exposing yourself. This recently saved Tfue in a game, it is a strategy you can use if you’re in a difficult position.
  2. Keep undercover. Being exposed in the last circle is a death sentence.
  3. Build yourself cover and use it to move towards targets. Build around everything to give you the advantage.
  4. Keep cool. Most mistakes in the late-game come from panicking
  5. It is okay to play defensively. The end-game can encourage players to peruse anyone else left alive. Sometimes defending yourself and building works better than perusing other players.
  6. Stay mobile. Don’t get locked down just because the map has gotten smaller.

These Fortnite Chapter 2 tips and tricks should be enough to get you started in the latest iteration of the game. Every match helps you improve gradually, so try not to stress too much about getting that Victory Royale every time.

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